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Spell check of wad

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Correct spelling:
Mass of paper, tow, & c., packed together, or used to keep the charge in a gun.
To form into a wad; to line with wadding.
money (noun)
swag, check, nugget, bankroll, stock, profit, worth, funds, bond, bill, cash, gross, capital, bullion, gold, spending money, IOU, pounds, fortune, coinage, change, lucre, net worth, money, coupon, receipts, treasure, copper, purse, moolah, draft, wampum, greenback, sterling, proceeds, money order, wallet, loot, income, wealth, bank note, silver, pocket money, ingot, balance sheet, promissory note, ways and means, petty cash, dough, wherewithal, assets, dollar, note, scratch, currency, issue.
line (verb)
pack, interline, inlay, face, pad, insulate, line.
Other synonyms:
profusion, slew, spate, froth, bundle, corporation, stilt, cram, kitty, good deal, swot, bundle up, megabucks, cluster, chock up, muckle, drum, plenty, band, plenteousness, grass, nap, multitude, spark plug, whole lot, volume, heap, hatful, million, messiness, potty, softwood, hole, smoke, bushel, muddle, upsurge, plateful, cud, occlude, destiny, throne, pot, potentiometer, business deal, backpack, practice bundling, throng, rush, deal, smokestack, fog, manduction, carload, big, pyramid, jade, dozen, toilet, pretty penny, bucket, weed, jackpot, stopple, hoi polloi, can, bunch, sess, obstruct, people, yard, swot up, vision, pack, oodles, stack, mug up, get up, load, zillion, crapper, pound sterling, much, ken, tidy sum, locoweed, hack, circumstances, bone, barrel, basketful, fiber, compress, compact, clump, rich, fire hydrant, bargain, big money, block, mess hall, portion, cloud, male plug, bomb, bunch up, fate, gobbet, scad, mint candy, down, potful, dollop, pickle, knot, muss, mound, galvanic pile, backing, freshet, reams, knob, mob, packet, upholstery, foam, scads, rechewed food, constrict, stopper, jillion, glob, caboodle, ballyhoo, chewing, pound, troop, squeeze, plenitude, piling, flowerpot, myriad, chaw, stool, roll up, ton, hand, atomic reactor, pack together, kettle of fish, loads, sight, cumulation, luck, plug, fistful, flock, chunk, blob, fibre, nub, hunk, mount, obturate, gathering, chain reactor, circle, tamp down, jampack, lot, impede, gob, ream, drift, push-down store, lump, peck, boatload, cumulus, abundance, batch, mastication, sheaf, load down, force, chew, hype, mess, visual sense, store, plentitude, potbelly, tummy, view, quid pro quo, great deal, tamp, bone up, nag, shipload, wall, push-down stack, earth, boodle, mint, crash, mickle, hundred, coating, green goddess, fold, stop, commode, gobs, jam, push-down storage, bay window, press, bank, trillion, raft, king's ransom, whole slew, pile, quid, voltaic pile, plentifulness, skunk, fix, clod, trade, quite a little, masses, truckload, dope, atomic pile, quantity, jalopy, close up, lashings, drive, grind away, visual modality, multiplicity, clot, mountain, push-down list, mass, ram down, part, big bucks, bulk, draw, take, sens, sparking plug, bus, nubble, hoopla, set, the great unwashed, passel, surge, carry, spile, hank, billow, agglomerate, hunch, tuft, ram, mussiness, survey, crush, gage, contract, clutch, fireplug.
Examples of usage:
  1. Try I wad, I ye me." 'at couldna lea' ahin' - "Warlock o' Glenwarlock", George MacDonald.
  2. The acrobats still abound, but it is three long years since I looked upon a coon act with real Afro- Americans in it, or saw a citizen of Cincinnati in a fur overcoat keeping a silk hat, an open umbrella, and a small wad of paper in the air with one hand. - "Imaginary Interviews", W. D. Howells.
  3. Wad ye like a row? - "Malcolm", George MacDonald.

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