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Spell check of Vying

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Correct spelling:
contending (verb)
brawling, confronting, wrestling, encountering, arguing, quarreling, defending, withstanding, bickering, facing, protesting, opposing, contrasting, resisting, standing, struggling, clashing, wrangling, hassling, conflicting, contending, disputing, dissenting, antagonizing.
Examples of usage:
  1. We saw one fat old lady, evidently ambitious of vying with her younger companions, making an attempt to reach the top with the aid of a boatman and one of the gentlemen of the party. - "A Yacht Voyage Round England", W.H.G. Kingston.
  2. There is, therefore, none of that striving, that vying with each other, which so often exhausts the nerves of the American woman and the purse of the husband. - "Face to Face with Kaiserism", James W. Gerard.
  3. If this etiquette is strictly adhered to, it will not be long ere you are politely questioned as to your plans, your present accommodation, and so forth; and soon several members will be vying with each other to procure you a clean and comfortable room at half the price charged in a hotel. - "Old Calabria", Norman Douglas.

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