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Spell check of upstanding

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Correct spelling:
respectable (adjective)
estimable, good, worthy, noble, blameless, righteous, irreproachable, untarnished, creditable, principled, right-minded, respectable, honorable, saintly, true, unimpeachable, fair, virtuous, pure, forthright, honest, law-abiding, moral, angelical.
virtuous (adjective)
heroic, taintless, high-minded, estimable, moral, noble, guiltless, pure, good, creditable, uncorrupted, virtuous, unspotted, righteous, worthy, decent, clean, ethical, respectable, unsullied, faultless, valorous, honorable, blameless, angelical.
Other synonyms:
whole, satisfying, raised, erect, incorruptible, strong, upright, square, big, compact, solid, upright, burly, substantial, straight-shooting, self-coloured, firm, full, straightforward, self-colored, hearty, horizontal, sincere, honorable, bullnecked, fine, brawny, coltish, honourable, unanimous, worthy, noble, built, genuine, truthful, barrel-chested, beefy.
Examples of usage:
  1. But she didn't look even like the sister of this browned, muscular, upstanding child who held hand so firmly. Molly's - "Understood Betsy", Dorothy Canfield.
  2. Indeed, not a few of the upper stories, viewed from an unfavorable angle, proved to be only thin parapets upstanding for a pretense of well- being. - "Desert Dust", Edwin L. Sabin.
  3. They were, indeed, a glorious pair- the great upstanding horse, The jockey on his back that ever faced a course. gamest - "Saltbush Bill, J.P., and Other Verses", A. B. Paterson.

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