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Spell check of Upon

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Correct spelling:
On ( used. esp. after verbs of motion).
Other synonyms:
in no time (at all), aloft, ensuing, over, in the short run/term, above, high up, barring, on, high, simultaneous, against, following, around the corner, in time, beyond, close, subsequently, uppermost, from, aboard, in, just, in the course of time, failing, top, among, any day/moment etc. now, subsequent, upper, amid, soon, into, after, at the earliest/first opportunity, elevated, cum, since, at, topmost, imminent, succeeding, shortly.
Examples of usage:
  1. He rushed upon them. - "Cord and Creese", James de Mille.
  2. A clever fellow will find enough to work upon. - "Mysterious Mr. Sabin", E. Phillips Oppenheim.
  3. " Yes," said slowly, his eye upon him, " I see." Varney, - "Captivating Mary Carstairs", Henry Sydnor Harrison.

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