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Spell check of unsavory

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Correct spelling:
tasteless (adjective)
weak, plain, jejune, savorless, flat, vapid, flavorless, bland, dull, banal, unappetizing, mild, tasteless, stale, milquetoast, insipid.
unsavory (adjective)
distasteful, unpalatable, disgusting, nauseating.
offensive (adjective)
disagreeable, unpleasant, crude, objectionable.
Other synonyms:
wrong, rotten, violative, iniquitous, skanky, unlawful, nefarious, sour, inedible, bad, sordid, vicious, dark, offensive, nasty, harsh, deviant, unpalatable, unlovely, evil, bitter, icky, rotten, vile, rancid, noisome, taste, unrighteous, unethical, villainous, immoral, gross, loathsome, distasteful, odoriferous, foul, repelling, displeasing, yucky, dead, brackish, unappetizing, disgustful, amoral, unwelcome, queasy, wicked, sinful, sickening, black, nauseous, unpleasing, dysphemistic, repellant, perverted, loathly, repellent, uncongenial, revolting, unsavoury.
Examples of usage:
  1. She wondered what business brought Jasper to such an unsavory neighborhood as that in which she had seen him. - "The Man Who Knew", Edgar Wallace.
  2. It was a rough and unsavory audience in pit and gallery, but it was a responsive one, and it enjoyed the acting with little help to illusion in the way of scenery. - "The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner", Charles Dudley Warner.
  3. Going to a little shop on the roadside, where strong drinks were sold, we stopped, and after preparing a remedy with the help of a passing Indian, threw the horse down, wedged his mouth open, and gave him what seemed to be an unsavory draught. - "In Indian Mexico (1908)", Frederick Starr.

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