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Spell check of unmovable

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Correct spelling:
Other synonyms:
nonmotile, stationary, steadfast, steady, irremovable, unbudging, immoveable, immotile, fixed, unmoving, immobile, move, nonmoving, immovable, stabile.
Examples of usage:
  1. Now, in order that it may represent as unmovable the result of the act which is being accomplished, the intellect must perceive, as also unmovable, the surroundings in which this result is being framed. - "Creative Evolution", Henri Bergson.
  2. But from the mobility of the movement we turn away as much as we can; what interests is, as we said above, the unmovable plan of the movement rather than the movement itself. us - "Creative Evolution", Henri Bergson.
  3. She was unmovable, showing so much courage that at last they gave up the thought of carrying her off by main force. - "Life of St. Francis of Assisi", Paul Sabatier.

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