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Spell check of unicameral

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Correct spelling:
Examples of usage:
  1. The new instrument differed fundamentally from the old, not simply in that it substituted a bicameral for a unicameral parliamentary body, but also in that it diverted from the local diets to the Reichsrath a wide range of powers, being designed, indeed, specifically to facilitate the centralization of governmental authority. - "The Governments of Europe", Frederic Austin Ogg.
  2. This kingdom possesses its own organs of government, including a unicameral diet which exercises independent legislative power in all internal affairs. - "The Governments of Europe", Frederic Austin Ogg.
  3. Each province has its own representative body, or" provincial estates" a unicameral assembly whose members are chosen directly for six years by all inhabitants of the province who are entitled to vote for members of the lower house of the States- General. - "The Governments of Europe", Frederic Austin Ogg.