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Spell check of uncaring

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Correct spelling:
lacking affection or warm feeling; " an uncaring person"
indifferent (adjective)
unconcerned, unwilling, disinterested, indifferent, uninterested, passive, perfunctory, lukewarm, easygoing, impartial, nonchalant, half-hearted, insouciant, cold, apathetic, detached, cool, dispassionate, neutral.
Other synonyms:
thoughtless, unaffectionate, unloving, unthinking, inconsiderate.
Examples of usage:
  1. And, to say nothing of Zeus, how can the Goddess of Morning rise and shine upon uncaring? us - "The Trojan Women of Euripides", Euripides.
  2. Those looks may shine on the dull earth and senseless stones, but not on me; on uncaring eyes, but not on mine; though for one moment of their lavished wealth, I could cheaply give a life without them; never again, never, never, never shall their love come to me. - "The Bride of Fort Edward", Delia Bacon.
  3. He plunged into the streets, crowded with his unknowing, uncaring fellow- creatures, as he would lose himself in the depths of a lonely forest, and walked hour after hour, he knew not and cared not whither. - "From Jest to Earnest", E. P. Roe.

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