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Spell check of unappealing

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Correct spelling:
ugly (adjective)
shapeless, hideous, abhorrent, grotesque, disagreeable, inelegant, undesirable, repugnant, displeasing, unaesthetic, ugly, unattractive, plain, unpleasing, unlovely, unpleasant, disfigured, odious, unsightly, ill-looking, homely, repulsive, repellent.
Other synonyms:
unpretty, unkindly, ill-favored, monstrous, unhandsome, grim, unlikable, uncomely, unsympathetic, unbeautiful, off-putting, closed, vile, unattractive, unlikeable.
Examples of usage:
  1. Insistently blond, her loosed- out hair newly dry and flowing down over a very spotted and very baby- blue kimono, there was something soft- fleshed about her, a not unappealing saddle of freckles across her nose, the eyes too light but set in with a certain feline arch to them. - "Gaslight Sonatas", Fannie Hurst.

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