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Spell check of ugly

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Correct spelling:
Offensive to the eye; deformed; ill- looking.
ugly (adjective)
shapeless, hideous, abhorrent, grotesque, disagreeable, inelegant, undesirable, repugnant, displeasing, unappealing, unaesthetic, unattractive, plain, unpleasing, unlovely, unpleasant, disfigured, odious, unsightly, ill-looking, homely, repulsive, repellent.
dangerous (adjective)
treacherous, mild, pugnacious, vicious, cantankerous, violent, reasonable, formidable, rough, quarrelsome, obnoxious, complaisant, bellicose.
Other synonyms:
wicked, monstrosity, sinister, nauseating, slimed, beautiful, misshapen, unwholesome, crabby, wild, alarming, unsightly, menacing, unbeautiful, distasteful, stormy, roily, woeful, appalling, horrid, surly, abominable, calm, vile, grotesque, handsome, querulous, fearful, fretful, forbidding, horrendous, foul, wretched, rugged, painful, grumpy, revolting, threatening, pathetic, grim, hard-featured, brutal, slimy, unworthy, ill-favoured, deformed, baleful, testy, attitude, deplorable, hapless, mean, minacious, raging, unnatural, foul, inaesthetic, grievous, tempestuous, rough, noxious, frightful, awful, disgusting, riotous, fulsome, atrocious, queasy, dirty, disfigured, disorderly, scrofulous, poor, horrid, worthless, obscene, horrifying, nasty, cranky, sordid, revolting, beautiful, tremendous, bloodthirsty, ugliness, sorry, unaesthetic, filthy, roiled, petulant, turbulent, unpicturesque, barbarous, hideous, detestable, tumultuous, violent, ill-favored, grisly, nice, execrable, noisome, grouchy, nasty, pain, dainty, unlovely, minatory, unseemly, misfortunate, despicable, irritable, piteous, fright, ferocious, flagitious, horrible, snappish, cross, dirty, monstrous, messy, waspish, offensive, heavy, scandalous, terrible, unspeakable, loathsome, unpretty, cantankerous, mess, pitiable, murderous, crabbed, uncomely, ill-natured, nauseous, disgusting, ominous, misbegotten, miserable, suffering, pitiful, repulsive, shocking, gross, rancid, evil, unhandsome, irascible, sight, thuggish, peevish, bad-tempered, undeserving, dreadful, ill-tempered, like, snappy, sickening.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Oh, thank you so much," spoke the ugly old soul to Gud. - "The Book of Gud", Dan Spain Harold Hersey.
  2. It's so ugly, I never want to see it again. - "The Dwelling Place of Light, Complete", Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009.
  3. Yet it is a pity that she is grown so ugly. - "Candide", Voltaire Commentator: Philip Littell.

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