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Spell check of tranquil

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Correct spelling:
Quiet; calm.
unexcitable (adjective)
stoic, impassive, deadpan, frigid, numb, unexcitable, dispassionate, meek, inscrutable, self-composed, demure, unhurried, stoical, moderate, aloof, mild, cool, passionless, nonchalant, staid, easygoing, poker-faced, steady, serene, level-headed, stolid, placid, even-tempered, cold-blooded, calm, self-controlled, neutral, reserved, composed, detached, controlled, imperturbable, unflappable, apathetic.
motionless (adjective)
fixed, calm, unmoving, idle, inert, becalmed, dead, stagnant, motionless, static, resting, still, sleeping, vegetative, dormant, immobile, stationary, quiet, inactive, standing, languid.
calm (adjective)
sedate, relaxed, peaceful, cool, composed, moderate, serene, still, even-tempered, placid, unruffled, calm, easygoing, collected, undisturbed, pacific, mild, quiet.
peaceful (adjective)
neutral, serene, pastoral, pacific, resting, orderly, placid, quiescent, quiet, peaceful, untroubled, idyllic, non-aggressive, friendly, halcyon, calm, reposeful.
moderate (adjective)
soothing, pacific, gentle, quiet, composed, soft, cool, calm, subdued, alleviated, temperate, innocuous, restrained, relaxed, moderate, easy.
Other synonyms:
lown, equal, liquid, legato, tame, unperturbed, coolheaded, balmy, arcadian, unflurried, suave, placid, bland, whispering, cozy, soundless, recollected, somnolent, pleasing, level, muted, politic, fluent, stilly, perturbed, measured, comforting, unshaken, unagitated, even, serene, good-tempered, self-possessed, low, amicable, equable, unflustered, agitated, paradisiacal, sober, peaceful, smooth, patient, reasonable, lenient, hushed, quiet, calm, fair, silent, restful, together, sedative, fluid, unruffled, possessed, angry, noneffervescent, agreeable, limpid, unworried, still.
Examples of usage:
  1. I could not be supposed therefore, affected and interested as I then was, to be cool and tranquil on this occasion. - "The History of the Rise, Progress and Accomplishment of the Abolition of the African Slave Trade by the British Parliament (1808), Vol. I", Thomas Clarkson.
  2. Remain tranquil and forgot not a ring! - "The Bell-Ringer of Angel's and Other Stories", Bret Harte.
  3. A soft and tranquil resignation took its place. - "Confessions of Boyhood", John Albee.

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