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How do you spell toast in words?

How to write toast? The answer is: zero.
Correct spelling:
Bread toasted; a health drunk; person whose health is drunk.
To parch or scorch at the fire; to drink to the health of.
brown (adjective)
tan, chocolate, chestnut, fawn, hazel, burnt almond, coffee, acorn, partridge, coconut, umber, cinnamon, dun, khaki, copper, nut brown, brunette, drab, cafe au lait, brown, auburn, sepia, cocoa, walnut, tawny, biscuit.
bread (noun)
white bread, crust, pita bread, flapjack, whole grain bread, crumb, dumpling, bun, biscuit, dough, banana bread, bagel, pumpernickel, sweet roll, roll, pancake, tortilla, scone, loaf, croissant, bread, baguette, whole wheat bread, raisin bread, cracker, flour, breakfast roll, sweet bun, rye bread, hard roll, bread stick, zwieback, croutons, muffin, taco, donut, corn bread, rusk, brown bread, griddlecake, waffle, sliced bread, yeast.
heat (verb)
braise, char, warm, parboil, barbecue, scorch, fry, stew, boil, parch, scald, roast, fire, sear, simmer, singe, broil, swelter, poach, burn, cook, grill, heat, bake.
Other synonyms:
canape, remember, revel, ceremony, hot, tipple, drink like a fish, honor, fuddle, imbibe, club sandwich, make merry, goner, acknowledgment, cool off, drink, abuse, southern Midland, delirium tremens, wrinkle, Alcoholics Anonymous, racket, beefburger, scrunch, wassail, compliment, present, designated driver, dependence, celebration, knock back, enchilada, boil down, jollify, scrunch up, belt down, pledge, tope, crease, baste, alcoholism, crispen, AA, bruschetta, charbroil, assurance, hold your drink, crinkle, heating, overheat, binge drinking, crisp, double-decker, desire, burrito, burger, ruckle, Al-Anon, salute, BLT, empanada, cheers, British, warm up, thaw, have a skinful, sober up, drink in, make whoopie, whoop it up, thanksgiving, plight, subscribe, commemoration, barhop, booze, cool, make happy, proposal.
Examples of usage:
  1. And toast and eggs?" - "The Everlasting Whisper", Jackson Gregory.
  2. And ere we leave this shanty small, While fades the Autumn day, We'll toast Old Ireland! - "The Charm of Ireland", Burton Egbert Stevenson.
  3. It was true that Captain Ross had talked to Olwen as if she were a little girl; he had avoided her in the forest when he was carrying that table- top for Brown, and he had blackened this evening for her by taking not the smallest notice of her at dinner; he hadn't even come up to touch his glass to hers when the toast had been proposed to the next engaged person for that hotel. Mr. - "The Disturbing Charm", Berta Ruck.

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