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Correct spelling:
edges (noun)
rings, verges, curbs, frontiers limits, sides, precipices, rims, outlines, extremities, fringes, peripheries, fences, margins, boundaries, borders, coasts, brims, edges, perimeters.
rewards (verb)
sweetens, rewards, lures, compensates, pays, remunerates, gives, grants, entices, honors, awards, tempts, induces, treats.
rewards (noun)
considerations, gratuities, gifts, inducements, treats, compensations, sweepstakes, grants, temptations, allotments, remunerations, bonuses, carrots, plums, stipends, incentives, amends, tributes, enticements, allowances, bounties, sweeteners, awards, wages, lures, rewards, honoraria, payments, prizes.
tops (noun)
tops, peaks, caps, roofs, crests, zeniths, crowns, summits.
summits (noun)
crests, uppermost points, limits, highest points, tops, extremities, peaks, pinnacles, summits, maximums, zeniths, climaxes, crowns, brows, caps, apexes, topmost points.
perforators (noun)
punches, die, arrows, bores, augers, lances, spikes, points, blades, skewers, punctures, spears, penetrators, sticks, spits, spurs, bits, needles, thorns, gouges, drills, pokers, perforators.
Examples of usage:
  1. Her finger- tips touched his arm. - "The Bondboy", George W. (George Washington) Ogden.
  2. Then farther back, I saw some others- their finger- tips were stained with ink- and then another, lying by itself. - "The Gloved Hand", Burton E. Stevenson.
  3. Benedict knelt on one knee and respectfully put his lips to the tips of her fingers. - "The Prussian Terror", Alexandre Dumas.

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