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Spell check of timeworn

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Correct spelling:
habitual (adjective)
accustomed, habitual, regular, common, acclimated, familiar, conventional, well-worn, conditioned, custom, routine.
old (adjective)
antiquated, old, ancient, antique.
Other synonyms:
cobwebby, dilapidated, neglected, tatty, excite, dumpy, olden, ancient, mean, obligatory, new, stereotypical, old-time, tatterdemalion, worn-out, threadbare, antique, stereotyped, platitudinal, hackney, grungy, banal, stale, musty, run-down, overused, ageing, moth-eaten, well-worn, seedy, commonplace, mangy, overused, moth-eaten, miserable, old, bombed-out, clichéd, ratty, corny, usual, aging, unoriginal, cliché, stale, stereotypic, tacky, archaic, venerable, antiquity, dull, trite, scruffy, scrubby, sleazy, ancestor, stock, bromidic, platitudinous, hack, hackneyed, warmed-over, age-old, antiquated, tumbledown, aged, beat-up, overworked, hoary, antediluvian, shopworn, down-at-the-heels, dog-eared, tired.
Examples of usage:
  1. The birth of Lafayette is recorded in the yellow and timeworn parish register of Chaviniac. - "Lafayette", Martha Foote Crow.
  2. Beyond the fountain, before the timeworn cloister, sat an aged brother surrounded by monks. - "The Higher Court", Mary Stewart Daggett.
  3. They saw the beautiful, tree- clad hills lying softly outlined in the shadows like folds of green and timeworn velvet, extending ridge on ridge into the blue. - "The Re-Creation of Brian Kent", Harold Bell Wright.

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