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Spell check of time

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Correct spelling:
Point or period of any occurrence; duration; season; allotted period; the present life; repetition.
To do at the proper season; regulate as to time; measure the time of.
experience (noun)
experience, participation, background, living.
point of time (noun)
term, week, hour, day, month, minute, semester, decade, generation, millennium, epoch, lifetime, second, age, era, century, year, period, millisecond, microsecond.
indefinite duration (noun)
period, eternity, aeon, span, lapse, era, age, duration, forever.
duration (noun)
infinity, course, age, period, duration, past, measure, span, continuance, today, future, cycle, extent, interval, date, spell, aeon, interim, era, present, season, epoch.
leisure (noun)
ease, freedom, liberty, opportunity, chance.
age (noun)
duration, lifetime, longevity, eon, age, lastingness, era, period, epoch, generation, oldness.
credit (noun)
credit, loan, terms, trust, account.
Other synonyms:
event, play, informed, nowadays, watch, con amore, stochastic, chapter, environment, distance, clip, circumstance, conviction, a bit, split second, irregular, rearrange, tide, ahead, fluke, modern, life, con brio, conditions, snip, coincidence, fix, gest, come in, sentence, go back, come, incident, schedule, after, drop back, allegro, accent, moment, season, coincidentally, age, hitch, circumstances, m, at, clock time, length, bass clef, swing, space, knock, condemnation, move, bounce, accident, beat, standing, irregularity, reschedule, punch in, magazine, run, forward, eon, clock in, clock, inning, state of affairs, meter, duration, aware, trick, the blocks, go, punch out, cartridge holder, shoot, position, andante, postpone, a.m., happening, period, block, arr., big, half-hour, put off, bring forward, much, bout, term, clipping, set, long, countdown, cartridge clip, accidentally, adagio, turn, tour, dead heat, unlucky, smash, around, bit, judgment of conviction, bar line, point, fourth dimension, hook, occasion, dash, epoch, emprise, metre, for the first/last etc. time, situation, fast, sequence, incidental, delay, instant, false start, put forward, exploit, life span, occurrence, short-term, climate, pass, juncture, date, context, bar, cadence, stint, baton, succession, serendipity, rhythm, rate, shift, while, reset, clock off, put back, prison term, sec, dribble, basis, era, strike at, clef, stretch, about, cross, kick, frequency, tempo.
Examples of usage:
  1. And we can get that from him at any time. - "Ashton-Kirk, Investigator", John T. McIntyre.
  2. " I must go home and think it all out," he said after a time. - "An Ambitious Man", Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
  3. We have just about time to get to that house. - "Dorothy Dale at Glenwood School", Margaret Penrose.

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