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Spell check of tender

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Correct spelling:
Small vessel that attends a larger; car that carries fuel, & c., for a locomotive.
Soft; delicate; easily injured; easily moved to pity or love; careful not to harm; sensitive to pain; expressive of love, pity, & c.
To offer.
soft (adjective)
fragile, supple.
mild (adjective)
quiet, permissive, charitable, even, tolerant, cordial, forbearing, genial, insipid, gentle, mild, benevolent, liberal, moderate, broad-minded, soft, peaceable, sweet, lax, peaceful, benign, amiable, meek, lenient, kind, open-minded, libertarian, clement.
loving (adjective)
romantic, sentimental, devoted, affectionate, infatuated, friendly, passionate, amorous, desirous, faithful, caring, endearing, loving, admiring, cherishing, adoring, worshipful, intimate, fond, erotic.
weak (adjective)
frail, weak.
touching (adjective)
moving, pitiful, affecting, pathetic.
give (verb)
award, assist, bestow, bequeath, expend, donate, deliver, ration, give, lavish, dole, grant, consign, allow, contribute, extend, render, shower, present, supply, serve, ascribe, pledge, dispense, pay, furnish, share, assign, allot, send, endow, help, offer, attribute, lend, devote, impart, submit, fund, provide, disburse.
offer (noun)
bid, approach, quotation, citation, donation, advance, attempt, issue, gift, offering, investiture, present, invitation, submission, bestowal, concession, overture, grant, deal, offer, endowment.
offer (verb)
quote, submit, bid, give, render, offer, present, impart, deal, extend, issue, endow, grant, approach, advance, bestow, attempt, cite, invite.
sensitive (adjective)
hypersensitive, ticklish, poetic, gooey, sloppy, sentimental, dainty, lovesick, mushy, schmaltzy, maudlin, romantic, starry-eyed, dewy-eyed, mawkish, fanciful, touchy, soft, sensitive, sappy.
Other synonyms:
cab, press, chewy, wasted, softhearted, caramelized, beneficent, enfeebled, cuttable, tenderised, mold, postage, impression, volunteer, protective, favorable, algal, wimpish, barge, consent form, well-disposed, conjure, new, command, part with, complaisant, cutting tool, mellow, benignant, techy, barren, concomitant, crisp, bare-ass, arboreal, nonabrasive, natural, burning, bare, carver, fond, afflictive, unsanded, attendee, young, cast, bounce back, androgynous, aromatic, crippling, hearty, flaky, prostrated, postage stamp, dictation, pestle, strong, stonecutter, aquatic, in the buff, hand, tetchy, bushy, companionable, auditor, warm, capping, creeping, good, bottom out, untoughened, short, rude, ship's boat, carrier, generous, low, crank, ardent, canoe, listener, cap, pettish, concept statement, testy, kindhearted, tenderise, appraise, softened, sentimental, offer up, balmy, accessible, creamy, amicable, car, hearer, accompaniment, tenderize, agonizing, huffy, biennial, social, lovesome, solicitous, berth, cutlery, childlike, cream, declare oneself, seal, irritable, nice, calorific, achy, crude, bulk carrier, slight, childish, warm-hearted, revenue stamp, effete, good-hearted, partial, agonising, put up, weakened, raw, company report, chapped, certificate, cable car, proffer, attendant, carriage, doting, light, sensible, unstable, soothing, tenderized, infirm, document, bleak, blue book, canal boat, faint, bland, petulant, warmhearted, cheapen, prostrate, beseech, co-occurrence, sociable, cabin cruiser, quick, bare-assed, buttery, immature, beat down, dossier, painful, nettlesome, affectionate, vulnerable, cutter, bogie, annual report, in the altogether, fractious, feeble, fragile, mad, meeter, crispy, chronic, debilitated, pinnace, legal tender, peeled, cutting, in the raw, play, languid, entreat, affable, sore, bowser, call, acute, flakey, compassionate, chilled, caboose, bid, boxcar, boat, bargain, mould, down-and-out, sensitive, pop the question, baggage car, caring, asthenic, climb, sapped, angry, bidding, delicate, naked, wish, loving, kindly, cockleshell, unsubstantial, buffet, attender, peckish, naked as a jaybird, peevish, scratchy, tenderhearted, cool, enervated, bad, cranky, yield, chewable, charter, neighborly, supply ship, adjure, stamp, sympathetic, confidentiality agreement, stark naked, brotherly, distribute, tippy, propose, coracle, hand over, soft, wimpy.
Examples of usage:
  1. I remember once,"- the face grew very tender-" we were just little things, Jemmy and I, but she was talking to like she does. girl's us, - "Kildares of Storm", Eleanor Mercein Kelly.
  2. His faith is strong and tender. - "Leo XIII., the Great Leader", Rev. A. P. Doyle.
  3. At last I had reached his tender spot. - "The Underdog", F. Hopkinson Smith.

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