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Spell check of tell

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Correct spelling:
To number; relate; inform; discern; explain.
To produce an effect.
report (verb)
state, retell, record, chronicle, recount, report, journalize, log, describe, narrate, account, summarize, portray, table.
Other synonyms:
let someone know, same, bare, clue, enumerate, assert, fork, sort, hip, sound out, berate, verse, acknowledge, severalize, certify, catch up, require, brief, bawl out, confess, give someone to understand (that), attack, unbosom, secure, boss, separate, break up, advise, clear, clue, find out, articulate, educate, tell apart, evidence, knowledge, demonstrate, allege, place, read, calculate, command, propound, posit, adjure, narrate, fill in, carve up, govern, herald, sort out, come apart, verbalize, arrange, dissever, give notice, unmask, insure, explain, get across, convey, William Tell, furcate, poke fun (at), speciate, recognise, point out, bring out, make out, crack a joke, unbosom, reveal, uncloak, secern, prescribe, recognize, spill, vent, put forward, bear witness, carry, pull someone's leg, indicate, teach, range, communicate, disclose, observe, give out, bring out, catch up, catch up, come out with, count, state, manifest, spot, unmask, wise, bare, apprise, notify, enunciate, classify, itemize, ensure, hip, spill the beans, understand, deliver, show, discuss, check, proclaim, tax with, single out, assort, blurt out, circulate, familiarize, voice, open up, affect, direct, divide, make a difference, make known, offload, clue, joke, branch, testify, speak, secernate, jest, impart, boss, clue in, take effect, ordain, regularise, advertise, distinguish, reel off, shoot, charge, inform, adjure, suppose, hip, acquaint, disunite, lay open, give it to, impact, mark, bare, release, uncover, severalise, uncloak, utter, rate, know, clear, itemise, name, recite, attest, promise, wise, bid, boss, ascertain, identify, clear, represent, familiarize, uncloak, words, differentiate, discriminate, discern, see to it, see, verse, signalise, order, enlighten, pronounce, numerate, talk, detect, say, chart, regularize, brief, hide, recount, discover, fall apart, lay something bare, set up, mention, expose, unveil, perceive, leak, put, relay, prove, part, express, split up, control, let out, blab, push around, spin, regulate, shape, unbosom, brief, specialise, bring out, instruct, signalize, let on, come into play, vocalize, assess, tattle, rank, order around, rehearse, dictate, spread abroad, give away, chart, notice, set forth, declaim, relate, number, compute, publish, own, reckon, reassure, unmask, promulgate, pass, ordinate, break, boss around, ramify, transmit, key, get, enounce, kid, class, announce, familiarize, consecrate, chart, quip, tally, over, estimate, betray, interact, aver, declare, determine, adjure, enjoin, specialize, add up, give hell to, split, assure, key out, make fun of, leave word, grade, pick out, guarantee, divulge, submit, verse, project, wise, let (it) slip.
Examples of usage:
  1. one to tell him what to do! No - "From the Housetops", George Barr McCutcheon.
  2. She wouldn't tell me; wouldn't have a word to say. - "Torchy and Vee", Sewell Ford.
  3. Say, don't tell me! - "Gaslight Sonatas", Fannie Hurst.

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