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Spell check of technology

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Correct spelling:
A treatise on arts; explanation of terms or processes employed in arts.
Technologic, technological.
Other synonyms:
engine room, array, redundancy, contraption, engineering, cybernetics, big beast, intermediate technology, engineering science, contrivance, bleeding edge, appropriate technology, automaton, fifth-generation, high tech, high technology, accouterments, nanotechnology, animatronics, apparatus, automation, black box, clunker, applied science.
Examples of usage:
  1. From this contribution to the technology of our then infant country developed another new industry. - "The Scholfield Wool-Carding Machines", Grace L. Rogers.
  2. We were thus driven to discover some of the hidden sources of power and all of our old habits and ideas were bent toward military methods and military technology. - "Manhood of Humanity.", Alfred Korzybski.
  3. Technology aside, they look and feel just like standard bulletin boards. - "The Online World", Odd de Presno.

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