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Spell check of tasteless

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Correct spelling:
Without taste.
vulgar (adjective)
revolting, profane, obscene, coarse, earthy, scandalous, degraded, unseemly, repulsive, ill-bred, chintzy, unpolished, broad, glaring, undignified, depraved, cheap, ignominious, ignoble, salty, brutish, tawdry, graceless, barbaric, crass, shameless, idiomatic, sleazy, coarse-grained, indelicate, gaudy, in bad taste, low, colloquial, unbecoming, animal, rank, vulgar, sordid, inelegant, brazen, philistine, crude, tactless, homespun, boorish, cockney, rough, barnyard, garish, outlandish, offensive, base, raw, clumsy, rude, common, gross, unrefined.
inelegant (adjective)
clumsy, barbarous, unrefined, coarse, gawky, awkward, boorish, tactless, gross, uncivil, raw, unpolished, rude, vulgar, brutish, crude, undignified, inelegant, earthy, tawdry, graceless.
tasteless (adjective)
unsavory, stale, milquetoast, bland, plain, savorless, flavorless, insipid, flat, jejune, banal, vapid, mild, weak.
Other synonyms:
cheesy, flashy, camp, simple, hideous, sour, dull, delicious, barbarian, Brummagem, garish, unaesthetic, loud, insolent, simple, pretentious, meretricious, watery, natural, bad, dead, gimcrack, flat, unappetizing, nonflavored, ornate, monstrous, unseasoned, innocent, ugly, trashy, ostentatious, churlish, grotesque, brassy, seasoned, insensible, unflavoured, tacky, tatty, uninteresting, flavorless, impertinent, discourteous, trite, inaesthetic, handsome, unsightly, indelicate, rancid, unstylish, uncultured, off-colour, foolish, trivial, makeshift, unlovely, campy, ticky-tacky, unusual, style, uncivilized, insipid, homely, uncouth, wholesome, smart, unappetising, uncultivated, rough-hewn, abrasive, innocuous, barbaric, artificial, kitsch, inedible, courtesy, unfashionable, savourless, unsalted, impolite, tawdry, vapid, savorless, bland, unflavored, dowdy, extraordinary, commonplace, rugged, incult, gaudy, grim, impudent, useless, illiberal, styleless, roughneck, florid, smooth, flash, stupid, effective, raffish, taste, lowbred, unappealing, stereotyped, in poor taste, flavourless, nasty, unpalatable, unaffected, unattractive, showy, ill-mannered, lowbrow, nonflavoured, off-color, cheap.
Examples of usage:
  1. In the place of the old household gear the rudest forms of modern furniture were introduced; the artistic chalices, and old fonts, and almost all the adornments of the churches, had disappeared, and were succeeded by a tasteless poverty in the village churches, which still continues. - "Pictures of German Life in the XVth XVIth and XVIIth Centuries, Vol. II.", Gustav Freytag.
  2. From these faded flowers Caroline had in her childhood extracted the honey; they were tasteless to her now. - "Shirley", Charlotte Brontë.
  3. The present mansion that has replaced the ancient castle is a very insignificant and tasteless structure. - "Castles and Cave Dwellings of Europe", Sabine Baring-Gould.

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