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Correct spelling:
Sense or act of tasting; flavor; small portion; relish; faculty by which the mind perceives beauty; refined discrimination; choice; style, as showing taste.
To have a flavor of.
To perceive by the tongue or palate; try by taking a little in the mouth; eat a little of; experience.
taste (verb)
sample, savor.
taste (noun)
purism, discrimination, charm, refinement, grace, delicacy, class, cultivation, elegance.
meal (noun)
repast, ingestion, bread, cuisine, morsel, lunch, consumption, fare, foodstuff, barbecue, feed, snack, feast, meat, grub, eating, food, picnic, breakfast, board, nutriment, drink, dinner, spread, banquet, sustenance, meal.
propriety (noun)
refinement, correctness, fittingness, suitability, manners, propriety, politeness, seemliness, decorum, appropriateness.
pretentious (adjective)
crass, rude, tasteless.
eat (verb)
picnic, feed, drink, grub, consume, lunch, devour, breakfast, snack, bite, sup, eat, ingest, gulp, feast, dine.
flavor (noun)
deliciousness, sourness, spiciness, flavor, delectability, savoriness, pepperiness, toothsomeness, goodness, saltiness, sweetness.
Other synonyms:
attempt, hear, event, c., receive, discretion, sniff, judge, come over, catch, tasting, emotion, tang, relishing, judgement, position, go, druthers, smell, strain, mouthful, sample, wallop, environment, manage, bang, test, become, reason, affection, enjoy, partiality, gustatory perception, gustatory sensation, grow, adjudicate, appreciation, insight, feeling, gustatory modality, examine, drive, cake, gustation, frame of mind, ginger, degustation, penchant, have, attachment, relish, leaning, essay, tidbit, taste sensation, admiration, know, suggestion, meet, try out, wisdom, discernment, feelings, make sense of something, aftertaste, brilliance, intellect, participate, smack, appetite, experience, acumen, intelligence, sensation, zip, try on, get, suffer, common sense, comprehend, preference, fall/fit into place, climate, acuteness, peck, understanding, assay, savour, tongue, swallow, sagacity, orientation, sense of taste, mood, tendency, crumb, favor, have a feel for something, shine, be reared on something, see, background, your inner self, grasp, work out, jolt, savouring, use, nugget, body, bowl, understand, context, can, kick, thwack, liking, go through, bond, taste perception, suggest, heart, batch, apprehension, love affair, texture, bask, encounter, clarity, experiment, passion, olfactory, undergo, penetration, intuition, stress, appear, feel, perceptiveness, render, see the light, fancy, oomph, reek, sagaciousness, love, scent, palate, perceptivity, inclination, savoring, hold, look, nibble, get the idea, sniff out, be, circumstance, touch, take, state of affairs, vision, predilection, audition, seek, fondness, piquancy, deduce, savvy, situation, form, bowlful, try, conditions, judgment, endure, susceptibility, like, temper, prove, undercurrent, bed.
Examples of usage:
  1. Perhaps I don't know the look of it and the feel of it, and pretty near the taste of it. - "Loaded Dice", Ellery H. Clark.
  2. If a man were ready to die for another, it was not good taste to say so. - "Red Fleece", Will Levington Comfort.
  3. " Then you shall taste it again," said Tom. - "Lady Maude's Mania", George Manville Fenn.

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