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Spell check of supposed

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Correct spelling:
calculated (verb)
systematized, added, counted, assessed, plotted, accounted, approximated, evaluated, reckoned, totaled, inferred, schemed, ranked, estimated, calculated, divided, rated, concluded, programmed, deduced, gauged, multiplied, considered, appraised, determined, thought, enumerated, guessed, scheduled, valued, scored, summed, quantified, figured, surmised, studied, planned, presumed, triangulated, computed, tallied, weighed, rationalized, measured, judged, quantized.
supposed (verb)
conjectured, presumed, prophesied, fantasized, conceived, philosophized, hypothesized, theorized, guessed, imagined, speculated.
believed (verb)
maintained, concluded, accepted, believed, affirmed, deemed, surmised, held, assumed, professed, presumed, put faith in, gave faith, trusted, taken for granted, took for granted, assented, gathered, understood, declared, credited, judged, given faith.
imagined (verb)
perceived, opined, imagined, contemplated, considered, envisioned, planned, reflected, daydreamed, invented, thought, brainstormed, created, conceived, theorized, fantasized, designed, observed.
Other synonyms:
suppositional, sibylline, hypothetical, mantic, ostensive, evident, suppositious, allegedly, seeming, intended, presupposed, acknowledged, sibyllic, so-called, vatical, prima facie, anecdotal, speculative, theoretical, unsubstantiated, doubtful, supposititious, theoretic, likely, questionable, reputed, seemingly, conjectural, hypothetic, apparently, ostensible, expected, purported, divinatory, obligated, vatic, improbable, unfounded, putative, unlikely, alleged.
Examples of usage:
  1. He supposed that things had been different twenty years ago, with them as with him. - "The Wooden Horse", Hugh Walpole.
  2. I was supposed to make up their rooms after they'd gone out in the forenoon for a horseback ride. - "Green Fancy", George Barr McCutcheon.
  3. We are not supposed to know anything about that. - "Will Warburton", George Gissing.

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