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Spell check of sunk

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Correct spelling:
deepened (verb)
deepened, sank.
descended (verb)
slid, settled, plummeted, descended, declined, lowered, slipped, slumped, fallen down, plunged, tumbled, came down, dropped, come down, toppled, nose-dived, fell down, sank.
deteriorated (verb)
waned, fallen apart, worsened, atrophied, relapsed, fell apart, sank, tergiversated, lapsed, dilapidated, deteriorated, slumped, withered, slipped, putrefied, went downhill, retrogressed, faded, got worse, regressed, degenerated, wilted, declined, ebbed, slid, gotten worse, decayed, gone downhill, reverted, mouldered, collapsed, downgraded.
disappeared (verb)
sank, fled, flied, gone, melted, went, dissolved, hidden, evaporated, hid, departed, faded, vanished, disappeared, evanesced.
depressed (verb)
lowered, depressed, attenuated, sank, debased, decreased.
immersed (verb)
sank, dunked, flooded, submerged, dipped, wallowed, inundated, drowned, plunged, immersed, engulfed, doused, bathed.
Other synonyms:
doomed, ruined, unsuccessful, kaput, washed-up, done, dead, finished, undone, done for.
Examples of usage:
  1. As he approached the bank the ground became so soft that his feet sunk deep into it at every step. - "In the Rocky Mountains", W. H. G. Kingston.
  2. They might have sunk into the ground for all that could be seen of them. - "On Land And Sea At The Dardanelles", Thomas Charles Bridges.
  3. She's not sunk, said Bland, but she's gone. - "The Red Hand of Ulster", George A. Birmingham.

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