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Spell check of Sug

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Correct spelling:
Spectacularly Unedited Gameplay
Examples of usage:
  1. A basket very similar to tak- o- chug', but called " sug- fi'," is employed by the woman in her housework in handling vegetables. – The Bontoc Igorot by Albert Ernest Jenks
  2. And, as has been noted, all day long during April and May, when there were no camote vines, women and little girls were going about bearing their small scoop- shaped sug- fi' gathering wild vegetation for the hogs. – The Bontoc Igorot by Albert Ernest Jenks
  3. He performed so many feats of strength and skill, that he excited the envy of the Puck- wudj In- in- ee- sug, or fairies, who conspired against his life. – The Myth of Hiawatha, and Other Oral Legends, Mythologic and Allegoric, of the North American Indians by Henry R. Schoolcraft