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Spell check of succulent

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Correct spelling:
sensuous (adjective)
sensory, luscious, delicious, delectable, sensuous, delightful, lush.
pulpy (adjective)
fleshy, tasty.
Other synonyms:
edible, exuberant, clone, flavorful, bush, bare, aromatic, aquatic, barren, delish, algal, bean, annual, full, toothsome, tangy, savory, mouthwatering, brassica, toothy, cereal, climber, scrumptious, profuse, luxuriant, lucullan, flavorsome, palatable, alpine, creeping, plushy, ambrosial, riotous, dainty, arboreal, lush, plush, bushy, lavish, yummy, bedding plant, tasteful, appetizing, biennial, pulpy, cactus, juicy, androgynous.
Examples of usage:
  1. The green gourd outside in the little yard had produced some shapeless succulent fruit. - "The Outcaste", F. E. Penny.
  2. Earlier readings had led me to expect an endless array of spicy and succulent viands at any table a Lord Mayor might grace with his presence. - "Eating in Two or Three Languages", Irvin S. Cobb.
  3. It feeds, generally, upon clover and other succulent vegetables, and hence it is often injurious to the farmer. - "Frank and Fanny", Mrs. Clara Moreton.

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