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Spell check of substitute

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Correct spelling:
Person or thing put in the place of another.
To put in place of.
substitute (adjective)
swapped, displaced, replacement, traded, subrogated, supplanting, superseding, switched, exchanged, alternative.
substitute (verb)
swap, replace, represent, second, supplant, trade, commute, supersede, exchange, subrogate, alternate, imitate, switch, change, displace.
deputy (noun)
assistant, ghost, token, helper, appointee, attendant, deputy, second, mouthpiece, ghost writer, figurehead, aide, pinch-hitter, spokeswoman, agent, attorney, double, delegate, dummy, lieutenant, emissary, representative, acolyte, stand-in, servant, assignee, understudy, spokesman, nominee, surrogate, arm, auxiliary, ringer, helpmate, alternate, envoy, proxy, backup.
deputize (verb)
deputize, delegate, appoint, nominate, arm, assign.
agent (noun)
representative, proxy, appointee, broker, vehicle, auxiliary, delegate, deputy, executor, emissary, lieutenant, agency, instrument, mediator, alternate, second, ombudsman, surrogate, go-between, operative, agent, actor, liaison, impresario, factor, middleman, intermediary, attorney.
substitute (noun)
stand-in, lieutenant, dummy, proxy, counterfeit, second, deputy, alternative, surrogate, alternate, understudy, fill-in, representative, replacement, imitation, double.
Other synonyms:
buzzword, pinch hitter, renewal, supercede, argot, metaphor, ancillary, allayer, relieve, transposition, break into, shade, comforter, sculptural relief, backup man, substitution, blue, boy, rilievo, reliever, pretend, connective, substitutive, back, alternating, man-made, supply, easement, ersatz, succor, simulated, backlog, refilling, succeed, draft in, designated hitter, faux, reticence, championship, relief, stockpile, interpose, fake, apparatchik, join, club, transpose, deputise, second-stringer, interfere, utility, flip, attach, respite, derivation, duty officer, replenishment, enter, convert, renew, center forward, military reserve, bench, tack, land, rest, complete, easing, moderation, conference, secondary, makeshift, support, turn, bogus, mimic, accompaniment, reservation, modesty, qualify, backing, artificial, rest period, replacing, supervene upon, flip-flop, cowboy, succour, transform, desk person, put back, center, depute, unreal, collocate, standby, backfield, metamorphose, back formation, call up, veer, transfigure, relief pitcher, assuagement, vary, breadwinner, all-American, imitative, captain, mock, modify, switch over, commuter, give way, factitious, commissioner, relievo, contraction, reserve, make way (for), career woman, ministration, ballplayer, fireman, transmute, antonym, computer backup, shift, captaincy, catchword, alleviation, taciturnity, false, counterchange, diversify, start, permutation, sub, pinch-hit, step in, intervene, embossment, patronage, synthetic, successor, musical accompaniment, cognate, arrive, interchange, sham, ease, fill out, make out, draft, second-string, alter.
Examples of usage:
  1. Under his instructions Barney sought to secure a substitute for the service at Bull Crossing, but without result. - "The Doctor A Tale Of The Rockies", Ralph Connor.
  2. Cut while green, but when nearly ripe, it is a good substitute for hay, producing a much larger quantity per acre. - "Soil Culture", J. H. Walden.
  3. For a moment she felt tempted to break her engagement, to throw it over at the last instant and telephone to the Duchess to find a substitute. - "The Splendid Folly", Margaret Pedler.

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