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Spell check of submits

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Correct spelling:
offers (verb)
quotes, tenders, bids, gives, renders, offers, presents, imparts, deals, extends, issues, endows, grants, approaches, advances, bestows, attempts, cites, invites.
conforms (verb)
mimics, complies, adheres, acquiesces, observes, apes, conforms.
affirms (verb)
promises, professes, asserts, declares, warrants, corroborates, acknowledges, propounds, adjures, avers, affirms, sets down, endorses, approves, certifies, pledges, validates, accepts, admits, supports, ratifies, testifies, sustains, claims, proclaims, pronounces, verifies, states, contends, expresses, attests, maintains, avouches, assures.
gives (verb)
awards, assists, bestows, bequeaths, expends, donates, delivers, rations, gives, lavishes, doles, grants, consigns, allows, contributes, extends, renders, showers, presents, tenders, serves, ascribes, pledges, dispenses, pays, furnishes, shares, assigns, allots, sends, endows, helps, offers, attributes, lends, devotes, imparts, supplies, funds, provides, disburses.
complies (verb)
complies, kowtows, concurs, bends, consents, defers, cedes, fulfills, caves, agrees, obeys, surrenders, observes, knuckles under, yields, assents, adheres, bows, genuflects, respects, capitulates, succumbs, conforms, acquiesces, accepts.
obeys (verb)
obeys, conforms, acquiesces, accepts, serves, complies, defers.
Examples of usage:
  1. " When he submits he will send a red herald flaming with the Lion of Hill. Notting - "The Napoleon of Notting Hill", Gilbert K. Chesterton.
  2. The twentieth submits to all their laws, but refuses to commit idolatry. - "The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus", American Anti-Slavery Society.
  3. If this be not correct, then there would also be an invasion of sovereignty whenever- as indeed happens everywhere more or less- a state submits itself to the decrees of its own courts, and allows its subjects an appeal to its courts against the measures of the government. - "The Future of International Law", Lassa Oppenheim.

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