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Spell check of submerge

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Correct spelling:
To plunge under water; overflow.
immerse (verb)
dip, plunge, bathe, engulf, dunk, flood, sink, wallow, douse, drown, inundate, immerse.
lower (verb)
plunge, lower, deepen, shorten, depress, drop.
flood (verb)
sluice, inundate, flood, rinse, drench, slosh, drown, douse, soak, deluge, swamp, imbue, shower, saturate, immerse, engulf.
Other synonyms:
sweep over, show, whelm, choke, rise, overtake, flush, sop, bury, pocket, inundate, conceal, tuck away, blot out, hold back, swim, swallow, drown, strangle, overmaster, gulf, descend, go down, enter, duck, overpower, deluge, cover, stifle, splash, flood out, smother, mask, lie low, full, overflow, souse, subside, overwhelm, hide, repress, overcome, obscure, soak up, go under, immersion, carry, plop, camouflage, submerse, founder, immerge.
Examples of usage:
  1. At first they seemed to be merely agitated as from the movement of some great body beneath the surface, and I at once conjectured that another submarine was rising to the surface in pursuit of but presently it became apparent that the level of the waters was rising, not with extreme rapidity, but very surely, and that soon they would overflow the sides of the pool and submerge the floor of the chamber. us; - "The Gods of Mars", Edgar Rice Burroughs.
  2. To give it all up and become his younger assistant- even if it meant, as it would, better hours and more money- would be to submerge his identity. brother's - "K", Mary Roberts Rinehart.
  3. Let me see red in anger but for a moment, and all the instincts of the savage beast that I really am, submerge what little I possess of the milder ways of culture and refinement. - "The Return of Tarzan", Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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