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How do you spell struggle in words?

How to write struggle? The answer is: zero.
Correct spelling:
A violent effort; great labor; agony.
To make violent efforts; contend; endeavor.
contention (noun)
opposition, friction, dissension, conflict, argument, controversy, protest, quarrel, contention, dissidence, tension, antagonism, confrontation, antipathy, resistance, dispute, contrariety, encounter.
battle (verb)
campaign, fight, scramble, combat, battle, engage, contest, tussle, conflict, drive, scuffle.
warfare (noun)
combat, battle, warfare, conflict, drive, aggression, bloodshed, offensive, fight, scuffle, hostility, war, jihad, warpath, campaign, contest, tussle, guerre, crusade, scramble, engagement.
contend (verb)
brawl, confront, wrestle, encounter, argue, quarrel, defend, withstand, bicker, face, protest, oppose, contrast, resist, stand, vie, clash, wrangle, hassle, conflict, contend, dispute, dissent, antagonize.
Other synonyms:
ball game, corrivalry, deal, the impossible, carry on, effort, the elephant in the room, tug of war, try for, make do, repugn, burden, battle, travail, walk on, trial run, scrap, head, dogfight, debate, fighting, duel, strain, grapple, throes, take on, tilt, sweepstakes, scrabble, difference, peel, make out, endeavor, jumble, rivalry, get by, go, throw together, scramble, postulate, while, fray, clamber, cope, strain, go after, essay, fight back, challenge, splutter, jostle, face-off, pare, skirmish, race, task, move, pain, progress, hold on, beat, agitate, strife, forge ahead, work, scrimmage, scrum, necessity, striving, chase, belligerency, fist fight, attempt, fight down, flow, try, headache, shin, pass, shinny, strive, mare, match, trouble, competition, manage, scrape, press, push, fray, skin, push for, press for, running battle, fight, elbow grease, chore, dustup, fence, difference of opinion, trial, a tall order, bark, spit out, compete, exertion, sputter, fracas, conflict.
Examples of usage:
  1. She's had a terribly hard time of it herself, and I believe it's a great struggle to keep things going now. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.
  2. sooner was he seated in the bright, warm little room, and had listened to earnest prayer, that every Christian there might do something for Christ that night, than the struggle began: what ought he to do for Christ? No Mr. Holbrook's - "Tip Lewis and His Lamp", Pansy.
  3. I continued the struggle for nine months. - "Confessions of a Young Man", George Moore.

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