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How do you spell stretch in words?

How to write stretch? The answer is: zero.
Correct spelling:
Act of stretching; extension; effort; reach; course.
To be extended or expanded; reach.
To extend; draw out; expand; reach out.
exaggerate (verb)
caricature, overrate, aggrandize, hyperbolize, exaggerate, overdevelop, overstate, overvalue, distort, embellish, overpraise, overestimate.
expand (verb)
spread, broaden, augment, fatten, dilate, swell, extend, increase, inflate, widen, magnify, burgeon, lengthen, expand, develop, increment, amplify, enlarge, engorge, thicken, grow, distend.
extend (verb)
lengthen, extend, elongate, prolong, enlarge, expand.
lengthen (verb)
expand, extend, lengthen, prolong, elongate.
extent (noun)
room, leeway, acreage, field, area, neighborhood, span, reach, extent, scope, scale, space, plateau, zone, territory, volume, dimension, plane, time, measure, length, region, range.
Other synonyms:
vitiate, stretchy, tow, open water, blossom forth, finish, groundwater, reduce, contract, kick, be going soft (in the head), demoralise, have a screw loose, brushed, bodybuilding, inlet, thin out, cover, spasm, spin, open, jerk, the burn, bouncy, the home stretch, diaphanous, produce, ambit, expansile, lie, get down to, inside track, compass, move, floor-length, flexible, load, deprave, thin, stretchiness, deplete, breathable, telescope, bend, stretchy, eke out, orbit, straightaway, lade, put out, wave, afford, pull, countdown, go, aerobics, extensile, bend/stretch the rules, laden, stint, condemned, scrape by, profane, fold your arms/hands, keep someone busy, cut, long, extensible, stretch along, resilient, go back, foreshortened, protract, fan, alloy, bouncy, prolongate, supple, rubberlike, blossom out, relax, resilient, flexible, captivity, fall down, hug, protractile, offer, pliability, rest, rubberlike, corrupt, extendible, work, ride up, charge, overload, smooth, debase, era, custodial, swamp, elongated, day, cellular, ground, crane, overwork, aerobic, fibrous, aquarobics, run, block, channel, inside lane, fit, push, exsert, creased, straight, plasticity, debauch, carry, blossom, preventive detention, full-length, flow, calisthenics, suppleness, bend the rules (for someone), inside, captive, excuse, least sandpiper, springy, flexibility, date, eat into, exempt, circuit training, clock in at, adulterate, be/go out of your mind, draw out, be off your head, stretch forth, chapter, resilience, go up, strain, sponginess, pass, chin-up, load up, go through, expansible, colorfast, get by, repose, last out, distressed, eat up, unroll, internment, run out, reaching, spread out, lead, muscular, abbreviate, hold out, supple, let off, stretch out, subvert, whippy, circuit, breathe, dilute, rubbery, bag, trail, swallow up, reflex, motor, grasp, stretchable, course, epoch, neck, attenuated, boxercise, crisp, delay, pluck at, lagoon, duration, springy, last, whippy, misdirect, cartilaginous, starting line, demoralize, elastic, bunch, come down, continue, detention, stretching, lose it, malleability, subsist, shorten, poke out, outstretch, rubbery, go down, filmy, start, abbreviated, truncate, line, live from hand to mouth, go mad, custody, overstretched, narrows, give, occupy, besiege, close, heave, hang, make (both) ends meet, stretchability, drag, not know your ass from your elbow, scratch a living, unfold, horizontal, drive, exhaust, recline, use up, pervert, reach out, tear at, pucker, tug, arrival, take leave of your senses, sound, gallop, distance, play.
Examples of usage:
  1. Let her play out in fresh air it'll stretch her legs arms give her some strength in th' skippin' an' an' an' 'em. - "The Secret Garden", Frances Hodgson Burnett.
  2. It could work forty- eight hours at a stretch without even noticing it. - "Legacy", James H Schmitz.
  3. We came to the stretch of open lawn, crossed it, and, guided by the light, found ourselves at the end of a short avenue of trees. - "The Gloved Hand", Burton E. Stevenson.

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