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How do you spell stilted in words?

How to write stilted? The answer is: zero.
Correct spelling:
Raised on stilts; inflated, as a style.
ostentatious (adjective)
gaudy, splashy, dramatic, flaunting, showy, snazzy, flourishing, vain, affected, fussy, flagrant, grandiloquent, jaunty, grandiose, sensational, flashy, ornate, opulent, histrionic, flamboyant, pompous, exhibitionistic, forced, boastful, garish, ostentatious, shameless, blatant, formal, rakish, dashing.
pretentious (adjective)
imposture, theatrical, deceitful, forced, studied, synthetic, forged, unnatural, affected, imitation, facade, la-di-da, mock, mannered, stagy, false, overdone, ostentatious, masquerading, fake, pretentious, ersatz, fraudulent, bogus, impersonating, posing, stiff, artificial, histrionic, showy, counterfeit.
Other synonyms:
mushy, inelegant, clumsy, unreal, slushy, ungraceful, proper, rough-hewn, schmalzy, buckram, correct, kitschy, soupy, hokey, heavy, soppy, convulsive, jerky, artificial, mawkish, nice, ungainly, graceless, uncomfortable, affected, punctilious, rustic, sentimental, uneasy, stiff-necked, egotistic, decorous, maudlin, schmaltzy, robotic, uncoordinated, contrived, bathetic, unnatural, drippy, starchy, be all fingers and thumbs, prim, flexible, gauche, wooden, awkward.
Examples of usage:
  1. I'm afraid, when I'm really in earnest, I'm apt to be stilted; but perhaps it isn't an altogether unusual fault. - "For the Allinson Honor", Harold Bindloss.
  2. and Giovanni all rather stilted and heavy. D'Houdetot, Villani, - "Leigh Hunt's Relations with Byron, Shelley and Keats", Barnette Miller.
  3. And Blake, noting this, noted also with an odd little sense of gratification, that English was a trifle more halting- a trifle more stilted for the break in their companionship. Max's - "Max", Katherine Cecil Thurston.

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