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Spell check of sticky

Correct spelling:

Adhesive; glutinous.

semi-liquid (adjective)
tacky, soupy, pulpy, clammy, ropy, semi-liquid, creamy, gelatinous, clotted, glutinous, buttery, viscid, gummy, viscous.
Other synonyms:
scalding, mushy, damp, bunglesome, caramelized, turned on, wet, cohesive, cumbersome, red-hot, sultry, spoony, gummed, ticklish, mucilaginous, sloppy, burning, rough, balmy, muggy, awkward, always-on, below-the-fold, sentimental, unenviable, multiuser, boiling, hazardous, unsafe, clumsy, downloadable, syrupy, easy, click-and-mortar, injurious, clean, calorific, gluey, lovey-dovey, disastrous, novelettish, soaking, steaming, humid, stick-on, chilled, adherent, ruttish, crispy, catchy, ruled, touchy, pasty, schmaltzy, self-adhesive, cloying, adhesive, sappy, sugary, cool, thorny, tricky, cream, dry, scratch-and-sniff, tricksy, squared, online, ill-chosen, viscid, drippy, crisp, randy, sensitive, soaked, moist, saccharine, hairy, gooey, pastelike, ill at ease, cyber-, hard, keep, chocolate-box, above-the-fold, ungainly, viscous, navigable, fruity, offline, tropical, dodgy, horny, damaging, mild, embarrassing, mortifying, warm, sticking, maudlin, spiny, inapt, problematic, delicate, perilous, sugarcoated, harmful, hot, nasty, tight, difficult, knotty, prickly, drenched, steamy, manila, blank, inept, aroused, ruinous, tenacious, soppy, risky, glutinous, clingy, saturated, uneasy, gummy, tough, mawkish, dangerous, bedraggled, scorching, soggy, slushy, lined, chewy.
Common misspellings:
  1. stickey (45%)
  2. stiky (19%)
  3. stickly (15%)
  4. stickie (4%)
  5. sticy (4%)
  6. sicky (4%)
  7. slimey (4%)
  8. twicky (2%)
  9. stickt (2%)
Examples of usage:
  1. Added to that, the track was in a shocking state- up to the in mud and water and clay of a sticky and treacherous nature.
    - girths - "In the Tail of the Peacock", Isabel Savory.
  2. But on examining the plate after one of such intervals, I found that the oil had become a dark sticky substance extremely difficult to get out.
    - girths - "In the Tail of the Peacock", Isabel Savory. - "Self Help", Samuel Smiles.
  3. There was little he could do to relieve the swelling and pain, until produced a reed- like plant which, chopped in sections, yielded a sticky purple liquid that dried on the skin as a tar gum- the native remedy.
    - girths - "In the Tail of the Peacock", Isabel Savory. - "Self Help", Samuel Smiles. Asaki - "Voodoo Planet", Andrew North.
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