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Spell check of stepchild

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Correct spelling:
A child born to your spouse before your marriage whom you have not legally adopted. If you adopt the child, he or she is legally treated just like a biological offspring. Under the Uniform Probate Code, followed in some states, a stepchild belongs in the same class as a biological child and will inherit property left " to my children." In other states, a stepchild is not treated like a biological child unless he or she can prove that the parental relationship was established when he or she was a minor and that adoption would have occurred but for some legal obstacle.


Examples of usage:
  1. And very briefly Hagar explained to her what she knew, saying that Hester had told her of two young children, but she had forgotten entirely of their existence, and now that she was reminded of it she could not help fancying that Hester said the stepchild was a boy. – Maggie Miller by Mary J. Holmes
  2. When Bud Molloy lay dyin' he says to the brakeman, 'You tell my wife to be good to Nance, '" " So she's your stepchild?" – Calvary Alley by Alice Hegan Rice
  3. " My dear stepchild, you're delightful! – What Maisie Knew by Henry James
  4. As much as I hated being treated like a younger brother, it was far better than being treated like a stepchild. – 32 Caliber by Donald McGibeny
  5. Old Adam, who never contradicted a woman unless he was married to her, agreed to this with some unintelligible mutters through his toothless gums, while Mrs. Hatch remarked with effusive amiability that " it's a sad sight to see a daughter go, even though she's a stepchild. – The Miller Of Old Church by Ellen Glasgow