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Spell check of stark

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Correct spelling:
Stiff; absolute; downright.
Wholly; entirely.
succinct (adjective)
clear, blunt, unpoetical, direct, honest, bald, candid, prosaic, intelligible, straightforward, outspoken, uncluttered, plain-spoken, unpretentious, casual, folksy, unadorned, ordinary, frank, simple, informal.
ascetic (adjective)
stoic, Trappist, celibate, miserly, teetotaling, severe, Spartan, parsimonious, Franciscan, lenten, repentant, hermit-like, monastic, abstinent, abstemious, austere, ascetic, dry, penitential.
desolate (adjective)
lonely, dismal, dreary, forgotten, inhospitable, uninhabited, barren, forsaken, desert, forlorn, abandoned, deserted, miserable, bare, bleak.
flagrant (adjective)
flagrant, shocking, blatant, glaring.
pure (adjective)
undefiled, guiltless, innocent, austere, basal, elemental, plain, spotless, virtuous, basic, undiluted, simon-pure, monolithic, nascent, bare, stainless, honorable, primary, indivisible, clear, clean, foundational, elementary, sinless, unadulterated, atomic, white, faultless, pure, chaste, aboriginal, purebred, unblemished, fundamental, unadorned, primal, decent, uncluttered, unalloyed, essential, untarnished, immaculate, simple, unsullied, angelic, formative, untainted, irreducible, blameless, prime.
severe (adjective)
Spartan, austere, curt, dry, icy, acrimonious, puritanical, acerbic, exacting, lean, demanding, oppressive, Draconian, unbending, critical, disciplined, inflexible, ascetic, abrupt, cool, intense, blunt, precise, relentless, acute, frosty, fundamental, raw, sharp, stiff-necked, brisk, meticulous, obstinate, piquant, dour, chilly, stern, gruff, keen, harsh, rigorous, imperial, authoritarian, severe, uncompromising, correct, intolerant, spare, crisp, obdurate, caustic, grim, brusque, short, rigid, bleak, prudish, cutting, strait-laced, hidebound, strict, stringent, tart, basic, astringent, censorious.
Other synonyms:
dead, cavernous, terrible, hot, profound, vacuous, burned-out, appointed, wicked, nude, desolate, sheer, crude, unfinished, consummate, hard, austere, dim, lowering, awful, inhospitable, bodacious, steely, comfortable, rugged, damn, damned, desperate, blank, rough, inexorable, vacant, regular, staring, everlasting, blooming, irrevocable, double-dyed, carpeted, dire, rank, au naturel, unrelenting, unforgiving, forbidding, very, fierce, downright, extreme, scanty, knockout, inevitable, flat-out, out-and-out, unfertile, immoderate, bony, naked, ungentle, life-threatening, crashing, poor, black, categorical, mere, unconditional, all-out, unavoidable, thoroughgoing, outright, serious, stone, unstoppable, blunt, attitude, uncontrollable, intimidating, definite, bare, devoid, unmitigated, fair, Midland, flinty, utter, complete, plumb, stripped, sodding, marginal, ascetical, blank, gross, beachfront, total, colonial, dreadful, flat, unornamented, impoverished, unembellished, grave, arrant, firm, unqualified, grievous, cotton-picking, carbuncle, plain, pure, perfect, unsheathed, severe, barren, destitute, unproductive, compulsive, thorough, void, baronial, dead, infertile, inescapable, cannot/can't help something, bleak, hardscrabble, dangerous, irresistible, toom, straight-out, free, unappeasable, waste, brownstone, deadly.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Billy Stark is going away, isn't he? - "Rose MacLeod", Alice Brown.
  2. With fifty times a thousand under arms, good men and stark, They put to sea. - "The Lay of the Cid", R. Selden Rose and Leonard Bacon.
  3. Gilbert glared at him, as if he thought he had gone stark mad. - "The Bad Man", Charles Hanson Towne.

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