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Spell check of sporadic

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Correct spelling:
Occurring in single instances; not general or epidemic.
capricious (adjective)
fanciful, capricious, wayward, fickle, flighty, arbitrary, changeable, indecisive, fluctuating, scatterbrained, frivolous, volatile, impulsive, whimsical, erratic, fitful, vacillating, fly-by-night, fleeting, random, flitting.
irregular (adjective)
unrhythmical, fluctuating, inconstant, intermittent, uneven, variable, desultory, jerky, erratic, irregular, asymmetric, fitful, unsystematic, capricious, eccentric.
incoherent (adjective)
non-cohesive, loose, incoherent, disconnected, disarticulated, divergent, nonadhesive, noncontiguous, disjointed, inconsistent, unconsolidated, broken, discontinuous, detached, nonuniform, fuzzy, dispersed, lax.
infrequent (adjective)
uncommon, odd, infrequent, rare, isolated, unusual, occasional, sparse.
motiveless (adjective)
volatile, nonsystematic, capricious, fanciful, spastic, rambling, chancy, flitting, irregular, ambivalent, impulsive, wandering, haphazard, reasonless, motiveless, flighty, indecisive, unmethodical, careless, arbitrary, systemless, fleeting, fickle, wayward, adrift, whimsical, random.
Other synonyms:
fitful, stray, catchy, isolated, periodic, chronic, casual, unpredictable, (every) now and then/again, continue, spotty, benign, acute, communicable, choppy, clinical, autoimmune, from time to time, irregular, periodical, unsteady, sometimes, scarce, every so often, asymptomatic, advanced, occasionally, intermittent, catching, aperiodic, congenital, usual, spasmodic, scattered, episodic.
Examples of usage:
  1. Brawls were sporadic and usually fatal. - "Master of the Moondog", Stanley Mullen.
  2. Missionary effort is less sporadic than it was. - "The Unity of Civilization", Various.
  3. Their present station was temporary, their purpose, as obviously, to dry; and they were doing some incidental gilding on their own account, leaving blots and splashes and sporadic little round footprints on the hardwood floor. - "The Flirt", Booth Tarkington.
Common misspellings:
  1. sporatic (75%)
  2. sparatic (11%)
  3. sparadic (4%)
  4. spiratic (3%)
  5. speratic (2%)
  6. sparodic (1%)
  7. sproadic (1%)
  8. spuratic (1%)

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