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Spell check of spontaneity

Correct spelling:
free will (noun)
volition, free will, autocracy, will, responsibility, discretion, choice, determination, option.
Other synonyms:
involuntary, instinctive, casualness, informality, unintended, easiness, naturalness, poise, tighten, restraint, accidental, impulse, lightheartedness, arbitrary, tendency, random, coincidental, spontaneous, unrestraint, impromptu, inclination, spontaneousness, uninhibitedness, abandonment, unceremoniousness, by accident, unconstraint, ease.
Common misspellings:
  1. spontenaity (19%)
  2. spontaniety (18%)
  3. spontanaity (13%)
  4. spontinaity (10%)
  5. sponteneity (9%)
  6. spontanaeity (4%)
  7. spontenaety (3%)
  8. spontenuety (2%)
  9. spontinaety (2%)
  10. spontaneaty (2%)
  11. spotenuity (2%)
  12. sponteniety (2%)
  13. spontaninity (2%)
  14. spontneity (2%)
  15. spontanuity (2%)
  16. spontineity (2%)
  17. spontanity (2%)
Examples of usage:
  1. They were fine songs; very individual, and each had that spontaneity which makes a song seem inevitable and, once for all, " done."
    - - "Youth and the Bright Medusa", Willa Cather.
  2. Under great emotion all expression was hard for him, and the spontaneity of tears would have contradicted his nature.
    - - "Youth and the Bright Medusa", Willa Cather. - "Sant' Ilario", F. Marion Crawford.
  3. Spontaneity- that subtle element of all that is lovely and enchanting- had flown away at the first suspicion of constraint.
    - - "Youth and the Bright Medusa", Willa Cather. - "Sant' Ilario", F. Marion Crawford. - "A Singer from the Sea", Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr.
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