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Spell check of splits

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Correct spelling:
diverges (verb)
spreads, separates, deflects, veers, disperses, diverges.
portions (noun)
cuts, lots, bits, fractions, halves, portions, allowances, measures, rations, sectors, commissions, percentages, members, quanta, budgets, proportions, parts, shares, divisions, stakes, compartments, stocks, subdivisions, segments, partitions, parcels, slices, dividends, pieces, allotments, quotas, zones, interests, helpings, chunks.
disjunctions (noun)
cuts, separations, divisions, disunities, rents, dissections, fissures, incisions, partitions, divorces, slices, cleavages, detachments, bisections, breaks, amputations, parts.
divorces (verb)
disunites, divorces, separates.
separates (verb)
slices, bisects, cleaves, dissociates, disunites, axes, removes, disarticulates, cuts, halves, breaks, pares, detaches, alienates, separates, disintegrates, rips, unhinges, disengages, unfixes, estranges, disassociates, incises, disassembles, sunders, dismantles, excises, divorces, parts, severs, disjoins, unglues, disconnects, rends, fragments, uncouples, segregates, amputates, divides, dissects, disaffiliates, insulates.
separations (noun)
rifts, isolations, divisions, separations, divorces, estrangements.
notches (noun)
rifts, indentations, gaps, indents, cracks, notches, crevices, clefts, scores, chinks, slits, gashes, nicks, jogs, incisions, cuts.
allotments (noun)
shares, divisions, dispensations, portions, proportions, chunks, partitions, allocations, rations, parcels, stakes, lots, pieces, quanta, parts, quotas, budgets, percentages, commissions, assignments, allotments, segments, measures, stipends, slices, allowances.
notches (verb)
cleaves, scores, chinks, incises, gashes, indents, serrates, slits, cracks, cuts, notches, nicks.
halves (verb)
cleaves, slits, forks, fissures, severs, divides, parts, rends, rips, halves, tears, branches, cuts, bifurcates, bisects, axes, ruptures.
portions (verb)
slices, subdivides, dismembers, apportions, pieces, partitions, shares, budgets, cuts, measures, chunks, divides, segments, allots, compartmentalizes, allows, zones, portions, parcels, halves.
allots (verb)
segments, allows, allots, earmarks, budgets, sets, divides, measures, partitions, slices, rations, apportions, portions, distributes, assigns, parcels, allocates, dispenses, deals, shares, gives, cuts.
dissociates (verb)
separates, dismantles, disjoins, insulates, partitions, disconnects, divorces, alienates, ruptures, divides, sunders, dissociates, halves, parts, excises, rends, disassociates, fragments, disengages, detaches, breaks, segregates, disunites, uncouples, severs, cleaves.
Examples of usage:
  1. The rock splits most easily in the plane of these darker layers, and the surface thus exposed is almost entirely covered with shining of mica. spangles - "The Student's Elements of Geology", Sir Charles Lyell.
  2. This splits into two actions. - "Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed.", S. A. Reilly.
  3. " Horn splits, and brass cuts the stuff, and mother o' pearl wears to eternity, but they're so awful dear. - "The Story Of Kennett", Bayard Taylor.

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