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Spell check of splendid

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Correct spelling:
Brilliant; magnificent; illustrious.
excellent (adjective)
select, classic, excellent, exemplary, prime, superlative, above par, fine, all-star, exquisite, A plus, choice, superior, A-1, ace.
good (adjective)
pleasant, nice, five-star, commendable, benign, fine, praiseworthy, topnotch, exemplary, good, worthy, admirable, excellent, beneficial, worthwhile, first-rate, favorable, laudable.
beautiful (adjective)
dazzling, handsome, sublime, lovely, bonny, elegant, finished, radiant, pleasing, angelic, graceful, becoming, breathtaking, shapely, beautiful, enchanting, flowerlike, fair, glamorous, picturesque, good-looking, quaint, attractive, sightly, refined, comely, superb, resplendent, polished, stunning, charming, exquisite, ravishing, ornamental, belle, gorgeous, pretty, eye-filling.
Other synonyms:
magnificent, fab, cushdy, noble, slick, shiny, super, subtile, thank God/goodness/heaven(s), imposing, heroic, sharp, singular, numero uno, gotcha, blue-chip, brave, terrific, relaxing, aah, incandescent, candescent, top, massive, regal, nifty, fantabulous, down, smooth, crackerjack, comminuted, A-one, gallant, grand, majestic, ripping, quality, clear, restful, royal, big, beaming, number one, effulgent, tremendous, plum, beautiful, high-class, dandy, brilliant, fantastic, fulgent, pure, bright, lordly, A-OK, immense, hype, clarified, splendorous, dreamy, small, swell, A1, dynamite, bumper, cheerful, wizard, delicate, tiptop, marvelous, jim-dandy, cool, grandiose, champion, gilt-edged, dainty, impressive, slender, luminous, subtle, banner, divine, marvelous, gangbusters, wonderful, boffo, hooray, tip-top, famous, tophole, awesome, frontline, peachy, bedazzling, premium, blue-ribbon, magnific, great, glorious, radical, unsurpassed, vivid, lucid, baronial, neat, minute, distinguished, four-star, glowing, primo, brag, princely, splendiferous, sensitive, heavenly, celebrated, prize, thin, righteous, par excellence, supernal, gone, peachy keen, illustrious, lucent, phat, groovy, sheeny, out-of-sight, grand, top-shelf, refulgent, smart as a whip, top-of-the-line, shining, monumental, brainy, fantastical, top-flight, yippee, enjoyable, prizewinning, lambent, slight, gauzy, bang-up, pleasurable, fabulous, corking, mean, lustrous, boss, topflight, top-notch, cracking, stately, resplendent, first-string, tenuous, capital, topping, august, keen, Homeric, bully, first-class, imperial, stellar, imposing, dope, sterling, proud, epic, will wonders never cease?, hot, sensational.
Examples of usage:
  1. But it made splendid coasting. - "Betty Wales Freshman", Edith K. Dunton.
  2. But what a splendid dress! - "Annie o' the Banks o' Dee", Gordon Stables.
  3. I've heard all about it- the splendid work Burton and his son have done for John McGuire. Mr. - "Dawn", Eleanor H. Porter.

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