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Spell check of spirit

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Correct spelling:
Soul; thinking part of man; ghost; disposition; energy; volatile liquid obtained by distiliation; alcohol.
The Spirit, the Holy Ghost.
To incite; to convey secretly.
courage (noun)
boldness, courage.
evil spirit (noun)
nixie, monster, dwarf, hellcat, werewolf, hell-raiser, beast, ogre, daemon, genie, devil, satyr, hellion, dragon, gnome, incubus, sylph, archfiend, demon, specter, Satan, succubus, sprite, goblin, lamia, nymph, vampire, siren, hell hound, hobgoblin, freak, imp, ghoul, fiend.
energy (noun)
energy, force, zip, snap, drive, verve, potency, zeal, effervescence, spark, strength, stamina, pep, vigor, vim, vivacity, fervor, zing, spunk, fire, might, power, puissance, activity.
life (noun)
breath, vitality.
focus (noun)
polestar, plenum, core, epitome, soul, crux, essence, focus, funnel, forum, lure, axle, intersection, magnet, center, rally, meat, rendezvous, heart, nucleus, bottleneck, asymptote, lodestar, hub, gathering, marrow, kernel, crossing.
ghost (noun)
succubus, ghost, Frankenstein, nightmare, ogre, daemon, illusion, apparition, shadow, horror, vampire, ghoul, myth, phantasm, incubus, phantom, chimera, monster, Dracula, bugbear, bogey man, specter, hobgoblin, werewolf, terror, bugaboo.
vigor (noun)
enthusiasm, friskiness, exuberance, liveliness, vim, energy, strength, fervency, vigor, activity, puissance, ardency, earnestness, potency, sprightliness, industriousness, agitation, zeal, excitement, agility, eagerness, verve, animation, zest, lustiness, relish, gusto, passion, power.
angel (noun)
archangel, guardian angel, guide, cherub, angel, guardian, daemon, seraphim, cherubim, demon, guru.
enthusiasm (noun)
fire, excitement, ardency, zeal, fervor, enthusiasm, ardor, eagerness, fervency.
Other synonyms:
constitution, tactile sensation, pith, take off, being, nub, sparkle, opinion, flavour, will, savour, humor, aroma, poltergeist, mettle, feelings, bottle, expression, god, connotation, whole tone, flush out, attitude, face, grog, your inner self, disposition, bounce, aperitif, heart and soul, sprightliness, moxie, middle, nerve, nitty-gritty, borax, peppiness, olfactory property, tonicity, vein, biography, impression, emotional state, substance, aspect, smack, affection, nature, the Abominable Snowman, sweep away, bogle, dash, booze, alcohol, aliveness, gist, bogey, bleach, air freshener, ardent spirits, feel, hooch, odor, subtext, usage, feather, tactile property, olfactory perception, olfaction, sum, fortitude, drift, pure tone, smell, schtick, firewater, bogeyman, eye, centre, dislodge, haunt, temperament, doughtiness, pluckiness, instinct, fondness, notion, resolve, stoutheartedness, sensation, goddess, shade, boogeyman, outlook, vital force, valiantness, divine spark, French polish, timber, revenant, life-time, mode, gutsiness, smuggle, gravamen, root, cheer, cup, weed out, life force, intent, wraith, tone of voice, abrasive, frame of mind, sauce, purpose, LAN, braveness, aim, vivaciousness, moonshine, lifetime, design, living, be, human nature, gut, move, spook, psyche, cleanser, inebriant, looking at, bravery, pertness, absolution, stuff, life history, dynamism, breath, feeling, disinfectant, emotion, denotation, look, angelic, dishwashing liquid, significance, mood, action, brio, inclination, genius, doppelganger, strong drink, fear, ambition, esprit, sneak, psyche, pluck, blasphemous, materialization, climate, tone, intrepidness, double, spirit up, tenor, phantasma, undercurrent, undauntedness, quality, meaning, posture, aspiration, lush, step, dram, ghostly, dauntlessness, intention, flavor, conduct, juice, eidolon, familiar spirit, liquor, drink, spirits, musical note, reputation, determination, clear, motivation, get out, remove, pump, warmness, looking, blessing, vitality, potable, gallantry, belief, philia, extract, heart, creature, belt, John Barleycorn, life sentence, affectionateness, temper, whole step, thrust, take, character, tincture, note, warmheartedness, courage, disembodied spirit, valiance, fearlessness, scent, blasphemy, chaser, Bigfoot, centaur, facial expression, olfactory sensation, supernatural, tactual sensation, tonus, spunkiness, smelling, sense, foam, liveliness, dryad, sense of smell, sapidity, bosom, behavior, savor, perseverance, lifespan, rum, odour, oomph, tipple, body, valor, valiancy, personality, timbre, life, visitant, stimulant, hant, touch sensation, bunyip, article of faith, blaspheme, purport, olfactory modality, intoxicant, intuitive feeling, aqua vitae, vision, tint, courageousness, cleaner, tang, intrepidity, quintessence, ginger, inspirit, touch, life story, gameness, cocktail, inwardness, record, bless, ticker, tenderness.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Never mind the spirit from the pit," said Colwyn. - "The Shrieking Pit", Arthur J. Rees.
  2. Was it hope, life, a spirit? - "The Invasion of France in 1814", Émile Erckmann Alexandre Chatrian.
  3. Ever since he had read Alice letter a new spirit had been working in him. Tynemouth's - "The Judgment House", Gilbert Parker.

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