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Spell check of spin

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Correct spelling:
To draw out and twist into threads; make a thread; draw out tediously; cause to whirl.
To make thread by spinning; to whirl.
roll (verb)
turn, rotate, revolve, cycle, whirl, roll, swirl.
Other synonyms:
come out, spin around, boil, turn something inside out, dignify, airborne, infest, twisting, jaunt, recount, come off, suffer, airspeed, elongate, pass, bouncy, prolong, crack, shuttle, swim, twirl, exaggerate, recite, run, flutter, cruise, drip-dry, good, pirouette, airdrop, backpedal, commotion, pull, torture, overstate, daze, catch, lurch, air traffic control, storyteller, ride, braid, hang out, bicycle clips, produce, wriggle, excursion, spindle, tilt, air pocket, play up, coil, retell, invade, loom, mythologize, coast, bend, tumble, expedition, exploration, sashay, kink, adjust, turn of events, kick-start, offer, sortie, circuit, junket, relate, fustian, stretch, revolution, ramble, aerobatics, swing, purl, go, diction, cane, wind, rebound, air-to-air, idiolect, gyrate, wheel, spiral, fly, overplay, convolution, backspin, flow, spinner, fling, spinning wheel, tress, get, plait, dead, aerospace, fog, beat, straining, remount, airlift, dry-clean, dhobi, bike, infestation, device, formality, playable, vortex, rotation, dry cleaner's, gimmick, crossing, swoon, angle, day trip, wrench, keel, basketry, hang up, protract, about-face, narrate, construction, idealize, inflate, overrefinement, interlace, eddy, tailspin, contract, air, develop, hatch, pedal, have, topspin, circle, twiddle, outing, increase, crawl, tell, distortion, birle, magnify, go down with, extend, gyration, monotone, tip up, drive, dine out on, move, overturn, lengthen, hover, sally, commute, alight, weave, whirlpool, chirp, formulation, crook, prolongate, air corridor, delivery, come down with, whirl, swap stories, reverse, plot, winding, fluency, afflict, dazedness, whirl around, birl, distaff, glorify, talk up, twist, flight, gymnastics, reel, careen, muddle, long, spin out, stagger, draw out, repetition, underarm, swag.
Examples of usage:
  1. She's going to spin enough yarn to last her all next summer." - "Winter Fun", William O. Stoddard.
  2. Paul could hear the bullets spin through the air and strike into the trees. - "Winning His Way", Charles Carleton Coffin.
  3. When they become full grown, they spin a silken cocoon and change to yellowish green chrysalids from which the butterflies emerge a little more than a week later. - "Butterflies Worth Knowing", Clarence M. Weed.

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