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Spell check of spigot

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Correct spelling:
Perforated plug of wood, by which liquor can be drawn from a cask.
plug (noun)
tap, spile, bung, valve, stopper, plug, cork, cover, stop.
Other synonyms:
blockage, nipple, wiretap, rap, lip, mouth, cock, overflow, hydrant, airlock, pat, carry, conduit, cesspit, flip top, dab, cutoff, culvert, clog, faucet, cap, strike, gate, water faucet, back up, downspout, lid, tap, stopcock, compartment, water tap.
Examples of usage:
  1. Noll went down into the storeroom to fill his bottle; and the spigot on the whiskey barrel gasped and failed. - "The Sea Bride", Ben Ames Williams.
  2. Captain Ezra Morton spent his mental energy upon the invention of a self- heating molasses spigot, which he hoped would revolutionize the grocery business while his physical energy was devoted to introducing a burglar proof window fastener into the proud homes that were dotting the tall grass environs of Harvey. - "In the Heart of a Fool", William Allen White.
  3. If they do, I'll just eat a whole hat- full of those big red apples, and some of the ones in the other barrel too; and then I'll put my mouth to the spigot of that cider- barrel, and turn it, and drink and drink and drink- and if there isn't enough left in that barrel, I'll go to another one and turn that. streakedy - "Round-about Rambles in Lands of Fact and Fancy", Frank Richard Stockton.

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