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Spell check of specific

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Correct spelling:
A remedy which has a special use or virtue.
Pertaining to, or designating, a species; peculiar.
special (adjective)
quirky, individual, feature, keynote, different, precise, discriminating, definite, special, characteristic, specialized, hallmark, peculiar, particular, idiosyncratic, distinguishing.
Other synonyms:
within limits, descriptive, unique, broad-brush, particular, restricted, especial, particularized, categorical, explicit, special, limited, unambiguous, limiting, ad hoc, decided, unequivocal, specified, edited, broad, on that/this score, exclusive, set, proper, express, peculiar, clear, univocal, extensive, particularised, restrictive, detail, for someone's part, positive, general, detailed, exactly, specifically, distinct, (all) by itself, study at explicit, given, 101, definitive, blow-by-blow, circumstantial, concrete, item, per se, clear-cut, prohibitive, under control, finite, elaborate, particular proposition.
Examples of usage:
  1. And a specific human being. - "Legacy", James H Schmitz.
  2. The annual credit is an order on a specific provision available during a certain year. - "Equality", Edward Bellamy.
  3. And for whatever purposes silence may be equal to gold, it cannot be safely taken as an indication of specific ideas. - "Impressions of Theophrastus Such", George Eliot.

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