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Spell check of Sons

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Correct spelling:
School of Natural Sciences ( various locations)


angel, archangel, breed, brood, cherub, descendant, descendants, descent, evil, fruit, guardian angel, heir, inheritor, issue, kid, lineage, male offspring, offspring, progeny, reprobate, seed, seraph, son, succession, unjust, wicked, words, youngster, Babies, Cherubim, Children, Daughters, Family, Seeds, Seraphim, Bibles, juniors, redeemers, barons, offsprings, guys, discussions, boys, kids, lads, youngsters, heirs, MANS, spawns, deliverers, paroles, watchwords, whelps, passwords, messiahs, intelligences, Scriptures, scions, childrens, schoolboys, christs, heavenly host, childs, Host of heaven.
Examples of usage:
  1. " I love to see fathers and sons together, the fathers trying to look younger than they are and the sons older. – The Woman With The Fan by Robert Hichens
  2. Where are thy sons? – The Poems of Giacomo Leopardi by Giacomo Leopardi
  3. Don't be in such a hurry, Max, because, after all, you boys is my sons, anyhow; and so I got a proposition to make to you. – The Competitive Nephew by Montague Glass
  4. I am waiting for my sons. – The Motor Maid by Alice Muriel Williamson and Charles Norris Williamson
  5. Ye see, I thought ye'd like a name from the Bible, bein' a minister's sons. – Beautiful Joe by Marshall Saunders