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Correct spelling:
Denoting an indefinite number or quantity; persons; in a certain degree.
plural (adjective)
many, numerous, plural, several, any.
few (adjective)
part of.
Other synonyms:
widely, nearly, several, or so, high, whatever, big, approximately, substantial, extraordinary, roughly, around, sundry, fair, extensive, unspecified, amazing, unidentified, mildly, what, one, given, a bit, bingo, virtually, considerable, quite, vaguely, large, both, fascinating, unnamed, divers, enormous, remarkable, any, just about, many, rough, more or less, somewhat, whatsoever, perhaps, pretty, great, huge, various, speculative, conservative, round, fairly, most, close to, nigh, partly, about, almost, slightly, maybe, well-nigh, unusual, near, anonymous, a little, much.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Some of them haven't," said Cleary. - "Captain Jinks, Hero", Ernest Crosby.
  2. It may be the last chance for some time to come. - "On Land And Sea At The Dardanelles", Thomas Charles Bridges.
  3. You must go to your mother and tell her there is some one that you love. - "A Beautiful Alien", Julia Magruder.

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