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Spell check of solicit

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Correct spelling:
To petition; ask for.
appeal (verb)
approach, request, entice, buttonhole, plead, beseech, greet, implore, invite, entreat, supplicate, apply, beg, address, appeal, accost, petition.
request (verb)
seek, requisition, query, desire, demand, plead, summon, urge, invite, question, wish, appeal, inquire, bid, want, probe, petition, request.
Other synonyms:
drum up, filch, romance, quest, hound, hawk, sue, call girl, harlot, harass, snare, ask, knock off, purloin, thieve, order, proposition, addict, pilfer, besiege, speak, require, tap, knock, hook, bug, beg, beleaguer, rob, plague, importune, dally, glom, pink, badger, coquette, mash, betray, overcharge, poll, hustle, pray, push, crochet, surcharge, tout, ask for, hit, soak, pitch, cabbage, bait, snarf, cop, pinch, attack, conjure, come up to, bespeak, nobble, seduce, gazump, pester, exploit, ho, court, rap, bordello, lead on, crave, insist on something, swipe, survey, bedevil, impetrate, tapdance, flirt, escort, brothel, philander, butterfly, courtesan, tip, lift, allure, hooker, decoy, call, claim, tempt, beset, abstract, coquet, harry, plume, sneak, boost, beguile, woo, interview, snitch, fleece, gigolo, wiretap, chat up, intercept, accost, hit on, pluck, scalp.
Examples of usage:
  1. I could not think of such a measure, without calling upon you, the very first person, to solicit the honour of your vote." - "Pelham, Complete", Edward Bulwer-Lytton Last Updated: March 16, 2009.
  2. It cannot, therefore, be pardon that we seek from him, and just as little can it be oblivion that we solicit for our actions, which are far from being the least considerable of the services we have at different times rendered his majesty. - "The Revolt of The Netherlands, Complete", Frederich Schiller.
  3. I I'm too old to solicit business, Hood, said I. only one man to send, says he, Hopper. ' 'Then there's ' 'young - "The Crisis, Complete", Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 6, 2009.

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