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Spell check of soldier

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Correct spelling:
Man engaged in military service; warrior.
combatant (noun)
competitor, fighter, duelist, jouster, thug, combatant, rival, enemy, swordsman, adversary, pugilist, brawler, bully, militant, rioter, gladiator, assailant, tough, contestant, antagonist, bruiser, struggler, battler, warrior, man-at-arms, quarreler, foe, mercenary, opponent.
Other synonyms:
bomber pilot, dogface, antiaircraft gunner, Ranger, noncommissioned officer, foot soldier, knight, Zouave, fighting man, guerrilla, spend, airman, guardsman, dragon, recruit, Green Beret, conscript, grenadier, cadet, bombardier, scout, signalman, cavalryman, selectee, sniper, air gunner, rank and file, serviceman, sharpshooter, enlisted man, ski trooper, pass, regular, crew, ranks, trooper, Joe, sepoy, engineer, officer, fighter pilot, commando, conflict, rifleman, warmonger, Special Forces, tanker, doughfoot, belligerent, cannoneer, infantryman, cannon fodder, torpedo operator, artilleryman, warrant officer, draftee, private, pioneer, machine-gunner, skirmisher, veteran, paratrooper, legionnaire, GI, air-borne trooper, commissioned officer, legionary, volunteer, airwoman, musketeer, radio operator, marksman, sniper-scout, enlisted woman, Seabee, gunner.
Examples of usage:
  1. Am I to think him a bad soldier? - "The Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay", Maurice Hewlett.
  2. " said the frightened maid to him, and " Yes" to her when she had looked, first, the way of her mistress, then the way of the soldier. No," - "The Way of the Gods", John Luther Long.
  3. " Being a soldier," said Charlotte, " you want to die like one?" - "The Cavalier", George Washington Cable.

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