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Spell check of smock

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Correct spelling:
clothing (noun)
topcoat, beret, bonnet, pea coat, t-shirt, shorts, vesture, bathrobe, caftan, Stetson, camisole, attire, pull-over, sweater, kilt, robe, chapeau, tuxedo, cape, greatcoat, boot, clothing, tunic, pajamas, skirt, chemise, footgear, scarf, parka, duds, panties, sweat suit, blue jeans, hat, windbreaker, stockings, slacks, slicker, halter, housecoat, dress, poncho, turtle-neck, pants, fez, ulster, overcoat, pillbox, jumper, crinoline, shirt, trimming, costume, jacket, vestment, blouse, Afghan, habit, trousers, blazer, sports coat, outfit, shoes, brassiere, coat, array, Jersey, smoking jacket, v-neck, kimono, evening gown, pyjamas, sari, suit, sweat shirt, dinner jacket, garb, cloak, doublet, petticoat, gown, sarong, apparel, nightgown, garment, pinafore, bowler, trench coat, fedora, wrapper, frock, mackintosh, corset, clothes, ensemble, raincoat, wrap, shawl, fur, dressing gown, headdress, raiment, burnoose, homburg.
Other synonyms:
dress shirt, dickey, flannel, tweed, kurta, dustrag, sirocco, sandstorm, white, dust storm, jumpsuit, duster, burka, oilskins, gaberdine, kaftan, boob tube, kameez, work dress, crop top, gabardine, dust coat, coveralls, apron, coverall, overalls, burqa, dustcloth.
Examples of usage:
  1. There were four boys on the slope of that hill- side- four fair- haired, sun- browned, hearty- looking boys- and they wore smock frocks, belted in at the waist, of fine, soft, woollen material, woven out of the fleeces of the sheep; for they were sons, the sons of the King whose flocks were feeding on the hill- side in Berkshire, where he had his Court. steepest King's - "The King's Sons", George Manville Fenn.
  2. But on it lay her empty dress, its gold and black all tumbled in a heap, and on top of it was an embroidered smock. - "Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard", Eleanor Farjeon.
  3. She had pale- red hair like cut straight in a fringe across her forehead, and she was dressed in a smock of dyed red fur that almost matched her hair. Juli's, - "The Door Through Space", Marion Zimmer Bradley.

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