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Spell check of skill

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Correct spelling:
Knowledge; dexterity.
skill (noun)
facility, artfulness, ability, aptitude, acuity, craft, know-how, experience, adroitness, genius, flair, knack, deftness, talent, mastery, proficiency, adeptness, cunning, technique, competence, capability, expertise, dexterity.
cunning (noun)
deviousness, guile, finesse, mastery, wariness, deftness, snakiness, foxiness, trickiness, art, slipperiness, cleverness, cunning, shrewdness, smoothness, ingenuity, astuteness, wiliness, facility, artfulness, craftiness, subtlety, canniness, wit, quickness, sly, ingeniousness, sharpness, slickness.
Other synonyms:
expertness, profession, job, command, savvy, scientific discipline, skillfulness, occupation, moxie, accomplishment, artifice, science, achievement, prowess, masterfulness, work, acquisition, skills, readiness, acquirement, learning, chops, attainment, gift, dexterousness, artistry, trade, knowledge, sleight.
Examples of usage:
  1. I tested my courage and my skill yesterday. - "The God of Love", Justin Huntly McCarthy.
  2. The skill with which the transition is made is remarkable. - "The Expositor's Bible: Colossians and Philemon", Alexander Maclaren.
  3. Was that skill or fortune, Miss Kennedy? - "Wych Hazel", Susan and Anna Warner.

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