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Spell check of simply

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Correct spelling:
facilely (adverb)
fluently, deftly, easily, smoothly, efficiently, facilely, effortlessly, handily, dexterously, adroitly.
simply (adverb)
sparely, chastely, directly, tersely, austerely, unsophisticatedly, plainly, candidly, purely, innocently, clearly, baldly, artlessly.
unitedly (adverb)
integrally, indivisibly, fundamentally, coincidentally, cohesively, elementally, purely, singly, congruently, holistically, unitedly, atomically, completely, coherently, solidly, entirely, congruously, homogeneously.
absolutely (adverb)
really, totally.
purely (adverb)
spotlessly, elementarily, cleanly, innocently, irreducibly, basically, fundamentally, aboriginally, purely, formatively, starkly, essentially, indivisibly, plainly, guiltlessly, primarily, barely, immaculately, chastely, austerely, angelically, sinlessly, faultlessly, virtuously, stainlessly, atomically.
Other synonyms:
easy, solely, alone, functional, exclusively, openly, precisely, manifestly, straightforward, but, just now, naturally, ingenuously, evident, make sense, commonly, spartan, understandable, literally, austere, evidently, sincerely, thoroughly, scarcely, quietly, plain, surely, only, unadorned, absolutely, ordinarily, utterly, well, exactly, fully, actually, spare, clear-cut, certainly, apparent, plainly, modestly, manifest, hardly, only when, intelligible, patently, simple, bare, scarce, merely, just, apparently, frankly, only if, obviously, honestly, awkwardly.
Examples of usage:
  1. Simply she did not care. - "The Woman With The Fan", Robert Hichens.
  2. The puzzle is simply this. - "Amusements in Mathematics", Henry Ernest Dudeney.
  3. " Thank you," says Dorian, simply. - "Faith and Unfaith", Duchess.

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