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Spell check of signal

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Correct spelling:
A sign to give notice; notice given.
remarkable; notable.
To make signals to; indicate by signals.
sound (verb)
cry out, sound.
alarm (verb)
startle, panic, alarm, surprise, shock, frighten, alert, dismay, scare.
superior (adjective)
choice, elite, ascendant, consummate, controlling, master, above, eminent, predominant, quintessential, champion, king, foremost, most, best, maximum, headmost, senior, commanding, superior, chief, supreme, uppermost, ruling, furthest, furthermost, sovereign, chosen, leading, A-1, paramount, zenith, dominant, crowning, better.
indicate (verb)
gesticulate, label, guide, nod, ticket, flag, stamp, indicate, tag, alert, point out, cue, designate, nudge, shrug, motion, betoken, wave, gesture, beckon, denote, symbolize, brand, wink, note, prompt, mark, notify, point.
greet (verb)
curtsy, acknowledge, wave, embrace, hug, accost, approach, salaam, kowtow, shake hands with, notice, vociferate, receive, welcome, bow, greet, smile, nod, hail, salute, kiss.
important (adjective)
significant, major, central, vital, serious, important, crucial, fundamental, meaningful.
alarm (noun)
siren, caution, flare, foghorn, semaphore, whistle, beacon, notice, buoy, horn, alarm, call, warning, alert, bell.
indication (noun)
symbol, alert, sign, tag, pointer, lighthouse, prompt, denotation, guidepost, semaphore, legend, gesture, icon, stamp, token, cue, indication, gesticulation, marker, banner, key, signpost, logotype, motion, notation, emblem, flag, designation, brand, figuration, label, wave, crest, badge, hint, wink, ticket, logo, insignia, beacon.
Other synonyms:
represent, noble, charge, taper, crossing, sign on, preindication, show, call for, proclaim, manoeuver, data, mansion, symptom, signalize, redoubtable, identify, steer, cell, augury, betoken, news, report, prestigious, planetary house, give away, betray, body language, answering machine, augur, express yourself, star sign, maneuver, word, flourish, request, cross, point, distinguished, voice, notable, card, subscribe, level, findings, crosswalk, portend, bless, jaywalking, luff, tip-off, type, house, preeminent, fact, words, bespeak, outstanding, detail, filter, prognostic, manoeuvre, grade crossing, foretell, circus, express, cone, offer, predict, signboard, astral, green light, distinguish, sharpen, cameraphone, button, noteworthy, argue, auspicate, polarity, place, display, signalise, channelise, high sign, information, sign up, sign of the zodiac, make no secret of something, bright, manifest, stand for, repoint, call attention, render, mean, indicate, ratify, foretaste, head, illustrious, prefigure, foreshadow, forecast, presage, mime, datum, action, channelize, orient, aim, impressive, target, omen, bleeper, foretoken, promise, litmus test, prognosticate, contract, 4G, bode, A to Z, 3G, sign, direct, calling card, suggest, signaling, manifestation, luminous, surrender, beeper, signify, quest, star, preview, crossroads.
Examples of usage:
  1. however, ignored the signal and went off by himself. Landais, - "Paul Jones", Hutchins Hapgood.
  2. The crying may have been a signal. - "The Abandoned Room", Wadsworth Camp.
  3. The Signal never spoke of the fight. - "The Card, A Story Of Adventure In The Five Towns", Arnold Bennett.

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