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Spell check of sigh

Correct spelling:

A deep, audible respiration. To give a deep, audible breathing; lament; long.

lament (verb)
weep, whimper, groan, bewail, snuffle, sniffle, wail, clamor, grieve, moan, cry, lament, ululate, agonize, decry, bemoan, whine, sob, mourn, long.
Other synonyms:
pant, rustle, mouth, asphyxia, declaim, blow, putter, grunt, catch your breath, artificial respiration, fizz, puff, inhale, phrase, babble, put, bronchial tube, breath, chorus, cluck, frame, gasp out, bronchiole, murmur, expression of sorrow, take a breath, bad breath, breathing, gulp, gasp, breathe, sounds, exhalation, airway, gurgle, suspire, respire, fight for breath, sigh of relief, drone, chirp, bronchus, whisper, choke, sough, declare, suspiration, growl.
Common misspellings:
  1. sighn (88%)
  2. sgh (3%)
  3. shigh (2%)
  4. sligh (2%)
  5. sige (2%)
  6. sihn (2%)
  7. singh (2%)
  8. eigh (2%)
Examples of usage:
  1. " Then you have a home in the country," said Elsie, with a little sigh.
    - - "A Vanished Hand", Sarah Doudney.
  2. And," with a sigh, " you may be right in a way.
    - - "A Vanished Hand", Sarah Doudney. - "Cap'n Warren's Wards", Joseph C. Lincoln.
  3. Then he drew up a chair beside her, and dropped into it with a great sigh.
    - - "A Vanished Hand", Sarah Doudney. - "Cap'n Warren's Wards", Joseph C. Lincoln. - "Sanctuary", Edith Wharton.
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